It’s Story Time!

Hello, my name is Ivie. I write the Around the Rainbow blog, which follows my Insanity workout goal (with soon other fitness goals), and talks about other things that pop into my head. This will be a little different. I deditcate this to my writing. Well…to two things I’m writing. One is my very own story and the other is basically a fanfiction. Let me explain them for you. First…the story…

Nightmare Chasers follows the adventures of an organization that is dedicated to slaying monsters that are believed to not exist, like werewolves, zombies, vampires, trolls, etc. Inside the organization are Jasmine Kitto, a young half-vampire, trying to find humanity in herself; Ulric Boston, a human, who tries to break free from his old ways, Maya Thourne, a woman who needs to find the courage to confront her past, and more less than normal characters all brought together to protect the helpless.

So…what do we think? Now time for the fanfiction. It’s about a superhero I created in the Marvel Universe…

TimeBomb is the story of a teenage girl, Skye Belle Matthews, who knows she isn’t a mutant but knows she has a gift. Years after her best friend is murdered, she decides to show the Marvel Universe a young girl can take care of herself, and becomes Timebomb, a teenage superhero out to protect those who need it most. On her journey she encounters many other heroes, and even some villians that prove to be more than she can handle.

Why does that sound so corny after writing? I swear it sounded cooler in my head…anyway. I also have a paragraph or two to help gauge the intrest. If you guys want more, comment, follow, or like. Now I know the blog looks kinda plain now, but I will spruce it up in a bit. So without further ado, lets get to the samples, and we’ll go from there.

Nightmare Chasers:
Darkness was everywhere. The only audiable sound was their heavy breathing. The air was tenseas they waited for something to happen. Anything could happen and that’s what they needed. It was too dark to try and feel around, and with their presence being in this area meant something dangerous was awaiting them. Blinding lights clicked on over the pair, initiating them to cover their eyes. Growling came from down the long hall. As the lights turned on by twos down the corridor there were two dog-like creatures. Snarling and licking their lips, they made a small step forward.
They stood on two paws much like werewolves except their backs were arched and they were much skinnier, almost malnourished. More growls emitted from their throats as one dropped on all fours, releasing it’s claws. The girl in front of them gaped and put her hand on her holster to grab the gun as the animal sprinted toward them…

The end….for now.

She ran as fast as her legs could carry her. All she could hear was her thumping heart and her pursuers footsteps. Two men were behind her. The ouring rain impaired her vision – she wasn’t too sure where she was heading. If only she could find the urge to scream. Superheroes were all over the place in this city, but she needed to let them know where she was. Too bad her voice was caught in her throat. No sound escaped other than her jagged breathing. There was an alleyway up ahead. Maybe she could hide somewhere over there.
If only she’d talked to Chole into staying, they wouldn’t be running. Where was her friend anyway? They seperated, hoping the men would give up the chase, but instead two went after each girl. Before reaching the alley, she tripped over her own feet. Falling on her hands and knees, she lost the will to continue. Just forget it, she thought to herself, they didn’t seem willing to give up anytime soon. Why hadn’t her hero come? Didn’t they patrol areas? If only she could scream…

There! I’m going to have a posting schedule up soon, and lots of other fun stuff happening. But remember, comment, like, and follow. Please. I look forward to your thoughts and such. 🙂


About Ivie

I'm Ivie. An aspiring writer. A dreamer. A lover. A young woman. Just trying to find my way in the world.
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