Nightmare Chasers – Interval Two

General Strom always thought of himself as a patient man. Growing up in a military background (not to mention his many years of service for the United States of America) taught him to always be punctual. This was something he always stressed to his agents. Sometimes tardiness can happen. But when it’s a meeting for your first mission and you’re an hour and a half late, it’s unacceptable.
His eyes trailed to the door, the clock read ten-thirty, and then glanced at his assistant. Sunglasses covered her eyes and any emotion on her face with the exception of her full lips which were placed in a slight scowl. She wore a black skirt the emphasized her curves with a white blouse that had vertical green stripes. In his opinion the sunglasses needed to go.
“Maya,” he barked, “remove your sunglasses. There’s no sun glowing in here.”
“Sir, I’d rather not,” she said, not even bothering to look at him.
Grimacing at the fact that she knew of his father-like soft spot for her he said, “Take them off now, please. It’s an order, and don’t even try to talk me out of it.”
She mumbled under her breath, something about his personal dress preferences then she yanked the glasses off. With her left chocolate brown eye and her right gray eye she glared at him. Her gray eye contrasted oddly with her light brown skin. Crossing her arms, she leaned back in her chair not casting her glare toward the door.
“You told them it was today, right?” She asked impatiently.
“I did,” he looked at the clock, then to Maya, “How about if they’re not here in ten minutes, I’ll give you the assignment? You’ll finish it in a heartbeat.”
Maya casually met his eyes, “Sir, it would break their hearts.”
“If you’re so concerned th-” the General was cut off by the door opening. Ulric slowly stepped in. “Where have you been!?” Strom yelled, standing as the boy approached.
He shuddered from his boss’ harsh voice, then replied, “Sorry, General. There was an incident this morning. A burned breakfast, a fire alarm, and a trip to a fast food place.”
Ignoring him, Strom said, “And your partner is where?”
“I don’t keep track of her.”
He sat back down, making a grunt as his reply. Maya motioned for him to sit in the seat directly to his right. Folding his hands, the man looked from Maya to Ulric. His hard stare at Maya prompted her to stop tugging at a strand of her long, raven black hair and give Ulric a paper. On it was the location of the drop site, where the monsters were hiding, and the place to meet the return ship.
Silently, he decided they could wait another five minutes until they discussed the mission. If Ulric’s partner didn’t get here then, there would be consequences. Deep down, he hoped Jasmine would get here soon because he saw her as an asset. It’s hard to find anyone with vampire blood to fight for humans willingly. He couldn’t wait to have her cut lose in the field. She had some power. If only he knew what could be making her late.
Not a sound escaped the trio. Strom noticed the boy playing with his fingers while his assistant had her eyes closed, not in slumber of course, but in concentration. If he could change anything at all about her, it would be that she wasn’t a wall. Nothing could be seen beyond her face, and nothing could make it past her barrier.
He looked at the clock. Five minutes were up.
Clearing his throat, he stood up, “Since we don’t have forever, lets get this over with. Maya?”
“Yes, sir,” she said, “The monsters that need to be destroyed are bio-engineered weapons gone wrong. You see, they’ve mutated into savages. There’s only twel-”
“General!” screeched a female voice, “I’m sorry I’m late! I slept through my alarm from being up late.”
In front of them was Jasmine, her light blue eyes looking at them apologetically.
“Wonderful,” the General said sarcastically through clenched teeth. The longer he dealt with these nonsense filled excuses, the angrier he became.
“Aw, poor little Jassie, was the sun too bright for a monster like you?” Ulric snickered.
“You,” she pointed at him, “Don’t you dare say a word, I’m in no mood right now.”
He coolly looked up at her, “Yeah? What are you gonna do, suck my body dry of blood and show everyone the killer you are? How human of you.”
With amazing speed she flashed in front of him ready to punch, but Strom grabbed her upper arm and threw her off the table.
“That is enough!” He howled. Roughly, he grabbed Jassie’s arm and placed her into the seat next to Ulric. Then he grabbed a handful of hair from both their heads and said, “You will stop this at once or so help me your new jobs will be attending to the dragons with cinderblocks strapped to your backs!” He then looked to his assistant, “Continue, Maya.”
Without any surprise or change in her voice Maya went on, “There’s only twelve of these savage things and they all stayed within the facility, but we don’t know how long they’ll stay put. Supposedly, all the humans, scientists and assistants, are dead. If any survivors are found, keep them safe, let them evacuate,” she stopped and looked at both teenagers then said, “Got it?”
“Yes, Maya,” they said together.
“Now get out and get ready,” said the General, standing up.
Both stood and hurriedly ran out the doors. He watched them go. Something was off about Jasmine’s sleeping in. She was half-vampire and stayed up late, but never did she wake up late.
“Maya,” he said, “Get me Cornelius when he’s up. There’s something I need to speak with him about.”
“Yes, General. Anything else you need?”
“The fountain of youth,” he said jokingly, then turned toward her, “Nothing else, though.”
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