TimeBomb – Issue Two

A quick note: I’m so sorry this is extremely late to be posted. I got a little held back, and didn’t finish writing on time. Regardless this shouldn’t happen again. I have ten followers, and I am very grateful, but in this beginning stage I need you to hang in there while I try to get this right, and I appreciate that you seem to. I’ll get on with it then!


    A crisp autumn breeze whipped Skye Belle’s hair around her slim face. She walked down the crowded sidewalk, looking for trouble. She told herself early this morning today was the day. Her abilities needed a test run before she got too carried away. No sense in making a costume if she didn’t have a handle on her powers.
Nothing was happening today though. It was almost sundown, surely something would happen. She leaned against a building. Maybe she should just try tomorrow. Taking a deep breath, she started to walk home. She was hoping to start the costume tonight, but she needed to know her powers would work for her when she needed them to. What kind of superhero would she be if she wasn’t able to control her powers?
“Hey,” said a voice, “Hey kid.”
She looked around, then saw a tall, gangly, young man. Giving him an odd look, she pointed to herself.
“Yeah, you,” he said, his hazel eyes giving away the slightest bit of malice, “Looking for something to do this nice evening?”
This could be her chance, “Sure.”
He looked her up and down, “You look to be the right size.”
“Right size for what?”
“Come with me,” he held out his arm for her to take, “My friends and I will explain.”
She linked her arm with his. While walking down the darkening street, she told herself she can do this. They made a left on to a less crowded street and stopped at an old boarded up apartment building. She noticed this was at the edge of her neighborhood, far away from her apartment building. The farther the better for her, she’d have less chance of being noticed by someone she knew.
“After you,” he said, holding her arm so she could lean on him while lifting her leg over the plank of wood. Deep down, she hoped she could handle whatever came next. The man slid through the planks and walked through a doorway off the left that was missing it’s door. Skye followed him and saw three men sitting at an old, round table with a camping light.
“What’s with the girl?” the one in the middle said as soon as he saw them.
“She looks the right size, Earl. Not many people are out tonight.”
The one named Earl stood up, his tall lean figure tense and said, “Roy, come’ere a minute. We need to talk.”
Roy followed him to another room behind the table.
The man to Skye’s left watching him go and said, “Don’t pay no attention to them. Earl just thinks he’s a hotshot. I’m Jack. And that’s Murray,” he said, pointing to the man on Skye’s right, who looked the oldest.
Murray looked her up and down, “How old are ya?”
“Every been to juvy?”
“What’s yer name?”
“Charlotte,” she lied.
The last thing they needed was to know her real name. She didn’t plan on any long term relationships with these guys.
He looked to Jack, “She’ll do.”
Jack nodded, then tipped his head back, “Roy did fine, she’s coming!”
Murray stood and walked out the door. Jack followed as the other two came from behind. Skye walked behind them. They went out an uncovered side door where an older looking car sat. Jack got in the driver’s seat with Earl in the passenger. She got in the back after Roy with Murray sitting next to her.
“You see,” Murray said, nonchalantly, “we’re in the jewelry business and there’s a piece we have our eye on. Sadly, we get through the back door that leads to the set we’re after.”
“So, you’re stealing.”
“Not so much as making a young lady’s dreams come true,” Roy said leaning back, “They just keep these on display. Our client will put them to use.”
“Just think of us as the modern-day Robin Hood and his merry men, eh?” Murry smiled.
Skye saw that this was a great way to test her powers and it was time to play along, “What’s in it for me?”
“Half the profit, of course,” Murray’s smile grew big, “My men and myself will split our half while you walk away with your half.”
They stood in front of the jewelry store. Skye was still working out how to do this. Get in, stop time, stop these guys and leave them by the store, then leave? Maybe she should get the jewelry then stop them? A pit was starting to form in her stomach, but she wouldn’t let it show.
“Once you’re in, a silent alarm will go off. You’ll have about ten minutes before the cops get here or some costumed freak shows up,” Jack said, not looking down at her, “But Roy here will get you out in five. He’s been at this a good while. Just do what we told ya and don’t worry.”
She knew what to do. Since they didn’t know the code to the back room, the door didn’t open all the way when hacked. Pretty clever security system in Skye Belle’s mind. Her job was to squeeze through the cracked open door while Roy erased the security feed.
She took a deep breath. Earl stuck a small pocket knife in the lock of the front door and wrenched it open. This was it. Roy ran into the store, going straight to the back door with the girl behind him. Within seconds it was opened some. She sucked in her belly and wiggled in, noticing the top popped off the key pad leaving wires exposed. The set wasn’t hard to find. Right in the middle stood a headless bust with the diamond studded chain holding a big sapphire tear drop. Under it were the earrings with four little diamonds and a sapphire drop on the end of each along with a ring nestled between the earrings that had diamonds all over the band with the sapphire in the middle. Truly, they were beautiful. She stuffed them in a bag, feeling a bit guilty, and went back to the door. She put out her hand holding the bag first.
The bag was yanked out of her hand then what felt like a fist smashed her hand.
“Ow,” she squealed and brought her hand back.
The door closed in front of her. Panicked she wiggled the knob, but saw it was locked. Then it hit her, their plan was to leave her. The whole time they were going to leave her behind to take the blame. Quickly, she looked around and saw a little window. It’d be a pain, but she could squeeze out of it. Putting the sleeve of her sweater over her fist, she rammed it through the glass cringing as it pricked through. Slowly, she pulled her way out, feeling glass bits catch on her sweater and jeans. After making it out, she stayed on her hands and knees.
“Those bastards,” she breathed.
As soon as she got to her feet, anger settled in her chest. Tightening her fists, she ran and made a right that led to the front of the building. The car was driving off a little ways ahead, she saw the taillights in the dark.
“Those jerks won’t get away from me,” she seethed, and thought about them stopping.
In her mind, she could feel them frozen. The taillights stopped getting smaller. She sprinted toward them, then jumped onto the hood of their car. Without covering her hand she punched the windshield with as much strength as she had. It cracked and she hit it again. With every hit she grunted in pain, until after the fourth one her bloody hand went through. A breeze ruffled her hair, a cry of horror, an abrupt stop, and she fell on the asphalt.
“How?” She heard Jack’s trembling voice.
“Cou-could she be a, a mutant?” That was Roy’s.
The door opened. Footsteps came over to her. The tip of a shoe nudged her shoulder. She grabbed his ankle and pulled back, sitting up. Jack groaned on the ground as she stood up.
“Get her!” She heard Murray yell.
The headlights illuminated Roy and Earl as they ran over to her. Roy grabbed her upper arm but she bit his hand, tasting blood. Once released, she used all her weight to push him stopped she ran behind him.
“Please start, please start,” she whispered.
“What the-” she heard him say and pushed him to the ground. “My leg,” he said in pain.
Skye noticed the hand holding the pocket knife was under his right leg. She brought her foot down on his leg and he yelped in pain. Then she kicked his side. Running over to Roy, who was starting to sit up, she stomped on his stomach. Looking up, she saw the stocky figure of Murray running with the bag. She ran up behind him and launched herself off her feet toward him. They both collided to the ground. Weakly, he tried to push her away, but she crawled closer and elbowed him in the eye. He groaned, but didn’t move as she lifted the bag and stood.
Breathing heavily and shaking, she decided she needed to learn how to fight. Now she was at a loss. She couldn’t carry them, but she didn’t know how the police would notice them. Then she heard sirens. They came from the main road behind her and to the right. Still holding the bag, she looked to her right. Finally, she dropped the bag of jewelry and ran off.

*  *  *

Still shaking about fifteen minutes later, she sat on her bed. Could she really do this?

Issue 1      Issue 3

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5 Responses to TimeBomb – Issue Two

  1. Writing Jobs says:

    That was another excellent post today. You make it look so easy. Thanks so much for sharing. I really enjoyed reading it very much. Have a wonderful day!

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  2. Will says:

    That was Good, Even if she didn’t get a Costume, She ran away to home, but why did she think she could handle going into a closed up building with some strange Man at her age, Power or no powers better take a defense lesson so she can handle what ever comes along, Thanks look forward to more. Will

    • Ivie says:

      I’d like to say she’s headstrong, and a bit thickheaded at times, and thinks her powers will always protect her. Or at least, that’s how I hope she comes out. Thanks for stopping by Will 🙂

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