Nightmare Chasers – Interval Three

A note for you: I just wanted to let you know, this chapter is kind of violent. Also, I’m no weapons expert, so if I got something wrong in the weapons department, just let me know.


Jassie flinched as Ulric kicked in the rusted, double doors. They were dropped off about twenty feet away from the entrance of the lab. It was a simple plan. Go in, kill the twelve crazy experiments, then meet the getaway helicopter out back. Nothing to it, really. They’ve both had so many practice courses like this they could be in and out in fifteen minutes, but Ulric just looked so serious. He held his TKB-159 assault rifle so tight his knuckles were white.

If only he’d calm down. His eyes gleamed like he was about to walk into a war zone. A mission like this wasn’t that big of a deal. They weren’t saving a town, or fighting a leader, just exterminating. Ignoring the urge to tell him, Jassie pulled out her two straight, double edge kalis swords. The least she could do was look ready. Generally if she was fighting an equal opponent, she used one sword, but when going through and killing, two did the trick for her.

She let her partner go in first. What was once a luxurious lobby looked gloomy and hopeless. Dust caked the walls and floor, turning the eggshell white a depressing gray. The receptionist desk looked as if it had been abandoned in a hurry. Papers scattered all over, two overturned chairs, and phones off their receivers. There were two double doors on each side of the desk.

“Hear any heartbeats?” Ulric asked.

“No, but I’ll concentrate,” the half vampire closed her eyes.

Clearing away all her thoughts, she left her mind blank. First she heard the steady beat of her partner’s heart. She didn’t linger, but kept her ears open. Then, a rapid heartbeat. Two, three, four coming from the left. Three more came from the right.

“Well?” He prompted, starting to lose his patience.

“There’s three to the right and four to the other side.”

“I’ve got the left covered,” he said and disappeared through the doors.

She sighed. It was hopeless to talk a plan through with him. Why would he listen to her anyway, the disgusting half vampire? What weight did her words have to him? None. Scowling, she walked through the double doors on her right.

A single light flickered in the hallway. Broken doors were on each side of her. She didn’t like this. They three beating hearts were moving so fast, she couldn’t pinpoint them in one place. What were they doing? Surely they didn’t know they had visitors. Then again, the door didn’t cave in quietly. Who did these hosts think they were, not greeting their guests? Jassie ran down the hall to meet them head on.

After a few seconds, she stopped. A heartbeat was missing. How odd. She turned and looked around. Facing the door, she walked backwards. A force collided into her back and pushed her to the ground. Thankfully her swords fell flat instead of impaling her. A hand grabbed her ankle and dragged her down the hall. Using her left foot she wildly kicked behind her until she felt her boot meet something. A grueling shriek rang out from behind her, and her ankle was free.

Looking up she came face to face with a powder white face. The eyes were fully black, no irises or whites. Sharp gray teeth protruded from it’s drool covered lips. Clumps of oily, long dirty blonde hair hung from it’s head and the figure of the body suggested the creature was a female. It lifted it’s arm up, then quickly brought it down, letting it’s long claws rake against Jassie’s neck and cheek. The force of the blow drove her back to her stomach. Lifting it’s arm again, it screeched and brought it down. This time Jassie pushed herself, sliding back on her belly. She quickly stood up and rammed her right shoulder into the monster’s chest. Dazed, it faltered backwards, but soon recovered and charged toward her. Without a second thought, Jasmine grabbed her nearest sword.

The monster was quick. Just as one of it’s long claws punctured her throat, the kalis blade pierced it’s stomach. Black eyes wide, it froze, then coughed up blood some dripping on the half vampire’s face. Using both hands, she pulled the sword out, then lifted it to the right. With all her strength, the blade ripped through the flesh under it’s arms, penetrated through the ribs and ripped through the spinal chord. Blood covered her sword and spurted on the young girl as the upper half of the body limply fell to the floor.

She grabbed it’s hand and slowly pulled the claw out of her neck. Letting her fingertips gently trail across the small wound, she could feel it healing. Squealing sounds rang through the hall and the door behind her closed. Jassie picked up her second sword and walked over to the door she heard close. Ba-bump. Ba-bump. A heartbeat. Taking a breath, she ran into the door.

Using his rifle, Ulric opened a door to his right and looked in. Absolutely nothing stirred. Lowering his gun, he took one last glance and went back to the hallway. He next entered the door across the hall. Something moved. Eagerly, he held his gun up. Finally some action. It just took seven doors before finding the monster. Movement flashed past him to the right. The he saw a dark figure rise. Bang! The silhouette fell down. Obviously, it wasn’t too smart if it stood up to reveal itself. Keeping his guard up, he walked over to the body.

Blood leaked out from a bullet wound to it’s pale white forehead.

“That was easy,” he said quietly to himself, “One down.”

He walked over to the door. A strong force from behind pushed him down and leaned over him. Whatever it was hissed and pushed it’s hands down harder on his back. Ulric’s stomach kept his rifle in place as he eased his arm out from under his body. Pain seared in his shoulder as the creature bit him, letting it’s pointed teeth sink into his flesh. Claws scratched down his back, ripping his uniform.

Biting his lip, he slid his left leg up  closer to his free hand to grasp the small dagger attached around his calf. The monster released his shoulder and brought it’s attention to his slow moving leg, biting his outer thigh. His fingertips just brushed against the handle of the dagger as he felt it start to try and tear away at the flesh of his leg in it’s mouth. Grabbing the dagger handle, he brought it up and stabbed at the monster. The teeth left his leg, and there was a screeching noise as it crawled off his back.

Rolling to his side, he picked up his assault rifle, and continued to roll to face the experiment. Quickly, he aimed and pulled the trigger, shooting it in the chest before it could move. With a heavy breath, he stood up, his leg burning in protest. Maybe they weren’t so dumb after all.

“Two,” he grumbled and leaned on the door to open it.

He was greeted by another pale white monster running toward him. Calmly he pulled a Beretta M9 out of the holster on his right and fired two shots. The bullets landed in it’s throat and chest as it fell to the ground limp.

“Three,” he said and let his head fall back on the door.

Throbbing pain pulsed up his leg. He needed stitches. And a chair. What he would give to sit in a comfortable chair and relax his leg. His shoulder and back didn’t hurt as much, but he felt the blood trickle down from his wounds. Who knew a bite could hurt this much? Any minute, he was going to move away from the door. The pain in his leg was quickly turning unbearable. Jasmine said there were four of those things down this hallway. She probably lied. It’s in her blood. Anything she said could be false.

He pushed himself off the door. Straight ahead he saw big double doors. That was where he was going to go next.

Jasmine held her sword up. This last one was a pain. It moved fast and dodged more then attack. It ran out the door. She chased after it. Running down the hall, it stopped to stare and smiled at her. Anger formed in her chest. That thing was taunting her. She dropped to a crouch and sprinted toward it. Lifting her swords as she got closer, she ran at her peak speed, scratching it’s back as it got ready to run off. Confused, the monster stopped short.

“Surprised?” she asked, “I’m faster than most others.” She ran past it and came back toward it, and pushed both swords into it’s back, letting them exit through it’s chest, “You included.”

The creature was running to the double doors at the end of the hall. Something important must be back there. Or the other few were there and it was trying to go and get help. Either way, it was part of Jassie’s job to go back there and see. Swords trailing on the ground, she walked to the doors.

Inside showed to be a disheveled laboratory. She didn’t have time to look because three of the experiments jumped on top of her. They snarled and dug their claws into her back. One pulled away her swords, taking one as it fled behind a test table. Hot breath tickled her ear. As a reflex, she elbowed the monster, hitting it’s neck. She turned her head and released her fangs, sinking them in the other’s arm. Pushing her arms up she fell to her back on top of them and stood up.

As she faced them sprawled on the ground, she pulled out a Beretta M9 from the holster attached to her right pant leg. She shot each in the head, returned the gun to it’s holster and grabbed her sword.

“Where are the rest of you,” she yelled, walking deeper into the room.

A heartbeat to her right was getting closer. She held up her sword in defense as it pushed both hands into the blade. Jasmine started to push back, then kicked it’s knee. The creature dropped it’s hands. Taking the opportunity, the half vampire cleanly sliced through it’s neck, severing the head.

“My children,” said a raspy voice.

A frail older man with white hair ran out from behind a broken computer moniter. He kneeled by the thing and cradled it’s head.

“Mister,” Jassie paused, looking him over, “You need to leave with us immediately.”

Why hadn’t she heard his heart?

“My precious children…you murderer,” he looked up at her.

She gasped, seeing his one full black eye, sharp gray teeth, and pale white arm, “What happened to you?”

“Hey,” Ulric called, coming from the double doors to their left.

That was all he could say. Two of that old man’s “children” were running toward him. He was ready, aiming his Beretta at them.

A scene appeared in Jassie’s mind. Ulric was shooting at the monsters, but then the one with her sword plunged it into his back, blood dripping from his stomach. She shook her head, and looked. Lurking in the corner was the experiment, her sword gleaming in it’s hand. As fast as she could, he took off. It lifted the sword. Down it came, piercing Jasmine under the breasts. She held on to the blade, groaning as it cut into the palms of her hands with each push the experiment made on the hilt. There were two gun shots behind her, then another and the creature dropped to the ground.

Ulric looked at her, his dark green eyes unwavering as he pulled the sword out from her body, letting her fall to her knees. Holding it up, he walked over to the old man and sent the sword through his chest. He came back, picking up her other sword and dropped them in front of her.

“Lets go,” he said icily, and walked away with a slight limp.

She wanted to ask what was wrong, but thought better of it. He wouldn’t give her much of an answer anyway. The pain subsided in her hands and body as she slowly stood, then followed after him.

*  *  *

General Strom saw the figure standing by the window.

“Cornelius!” he said cheerfully.

He turned to face him, his blood red eyes narrowing, “It’s late. Shouldn’t you be at home?”

“Nonsense! Jasmine and Ulric will be back any second. We need to welcome them.”

“Get rid of that fake cheer. I know you’re only here to ask me what I told her.”

“Reading minds again?”

“Unintentionally. You left your mind open.”

Strom smiled, “What are you filling Jasmine’s head with? It seemed to have kept her up quite awhile.”

“Solovin’s coming back.”

“How do you know? His plans could’ve changed since you were with him.”

“They did,” he returned his gaze out the window, “Do you remember Carl Vorte?”

“The traitor, yes.”

“His precsence is weak, but I can feel him. He’s become Solovin’s second in command. He’s not too far behind.”

“Then why tell?” he asked, walking up to the window.

“She has a right to know. It’s not like he’s a complete stranger.”
Interval Two              Interval Four

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