TimeBomb – Issue 3

    She just couldn’t sleep that night. Skye spent most of the night and morning pacing. Thankfully it was a Sunday. She probably couldn’t face school. She needed to relax was all. Nothing had happened yet. Sitting on the couch, she turned on the T.V. It was the news. A red headed reporter was talking about a small owned jewelry store. Could it be? She turned the volume up.
“…at the scene. Early this morning one was identified as Murray Shafer, the supposed leader of fairly recent gang that calls itself The Viper’s Fangs, which have been suspected of many local robberies and break ins.”
She cringed at the name “Murray” but listened to what more the female reporter had to sy.
“According to the chief of police, the disheveled scene seems to be the work of a new, but inexperienced superhero. It is unclear who the superhero could be and how they managed to bring down Shafer and his few men. This is Kaylee Adams on scene. Back to you, Ted.”
The picture shifted to a man with sandy blonde hair sitting behind a desk. Skye frowned and muted the television. Inexperienced seemed like an understatement. Last night showed more than just “inexperience” to her. At least the police found those guys. The thought of them belonging to a gang scared her. Wasn’t her putting them in jail like declaring war on them? For now thankfully, they were in jail. No need to worry. Besides, it was official, she was a superhero. They didn’t give her an awesome name, but in due time it would come. Probably after the costume.
Feeling a little bit better, she stood and walked over to her bedroom. The costume. Honestly, she only had a rough idea of what to do with it, and she wasn’t even sure it would work. At first she  thought of going to get material and sewing it herself, but she didn’t have a sewing machine. Plus, she wasn’t great at sewing period, she failed that part of home ec. last year with falling colors because wasn’t graceful with the needle. But then she remembered that somewhere in her small closet was a black body suit. It wasn’t anything special, it was for a Halloween costume last year. The good thing was that it wasn’t so snug you could see every angle of her body and it was made of comfortable, but cheap, spandex. She opened her closet and began the search inside a box that took up most of the closet floor space. Since it was just last year, the suit wasn’t too far down. Looking it over, she noticed it was just…plain.
Tossing it to the floor, she leaned farther into her closet, resting her stomach on the box. From inside she pulled out a long, wide shoebox. Opening it, she took out long, leather, stiletto heeled black boots. Something she found of her mother’s. After turning twelve she looked through her step-father’s closet trying to find any remnants of her. In school, they were talking about family trees and she wanted to know more about her mother’s side, but he refused to tell her. Luckily, she found those boots and a few other things that she took. They stay hidden in that shoebox in the closet.
She took the suit and boots and laid them on her bed. Looking at them, she thought the boots were fine, but she still needed to do something, anything really, to that suit. She held it up to her body and looked in the mirror. It came to her. Running to the kitchen, she grabbed a pair of scissors. With careful, slow movements, she started to cut the suit. A little under the chest, and tight around the hips she sliced through. It still seemed a bit plain. Some color. It needed just a bit. She decided to go to the pharmacy store down the block to get a tie dye ste.
She grabbed the key to the apartment off the table and left. It shouldn’t take too long. When she got to the sidewalk, she noticed the sun was going down. She needed to pick up the pace. Her casual walk turned into a hurried jog. She wouldn’t be long.

Slowly, she opened the door to the apartment. It took her over an hour. The line was unbearable, and the old lady in the front was loosing it. It was all her fault, but it looked okay, and Skye walked into the small living room.
“There you are!” slurred a voice from the kitchen, “I was here ten minutes ago. Where are my beers?”
Skye Belle looked up at her step-father, “In the fridge, Max.”
“No. Where are my new ones?”
She gave him a strange look.
“You can go out and buy what you want,” he pointed to the bag, “but you can’t think to get me something, huh?!” He leaned over.
“You’ve been drinking. Did you leave work early to drink again?”
He stood up straight, “Who are you to be demanding such questions?!” he walked closer to her, “Well?”
She looked down and said quietly, “No one…” Truthfully, she was terrified of this man.
He grabbed her hair by the scalp, “Speak up, will ya!” With all his force, he threw her down. She stayed on the ground, fear welling in her heart. “You took everything away, and you can’t get me a single damn thing!” He yanked the clock off the wall and threw it at her, hitting her shoulder. It cracked and landed by her arm, but Max stepped on it and grabbed her throat, “If only I didn’t promise her! If only you weren’t here!” He thrust her head down, then released her neck.
She grabbed the back of her head, tears coating her eyes. Even if she stopped time, it’d be bad, or worse. She tried before. He still finished the beatings, no matter what she did. If she hid, he found her, if she ran off, he’d wait for her drinking more. Better to get it over with now.
“Don’t you dare cry!” he roared and brought his fist down on her side, hitting her ribs, “I’ll really make you hurt,” he grunted and walked away into his bedroom.
She laid there, stunned, Tears were running down her cheeks as she curled up. The costume could wait a little while.

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I’m sorry again for the late post. I need to come up with a system. Starting now I will brainstorm. The next chapter will be posted on time. Anyway, I know this chapter isn’t too action-y or anything, but I wanted us to get a glimpse of Skye Belle’s life, I thought we should get to know what goes on in her life.

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