TimeBomb – Issue 4

I decided to add some actual Marvel created characters into this issue, and I hope you enjoy.


Skye had stopped time. She was in the bathroom putting her costume on. Police cars drove by the window of her classroom; luckily the class was almost over. Stopping time to leave school was easier in between classes. She wasn’t going to let this opportunity pass by. Late Sunday night she finished her costume. It was the black bodysuit missing the mid section, showing her stomach to her belly button and the ends of her sleeves and pant legs were dark blue from the tie dye kit she bought, along with the black mask that covered her eyes. Running in her mother’s boots wasn’t an easy task, but she hoped that the practice she got in yesterday afternoon would be enough.
There had to be an easier way for her to get around. Running everywhere couldn’t be good for her. Time was still frozen as she tried to figure out which way the police cars went. To the left there was a bank, and to the right was a small locally owned bank, but she decided the bigger bank was best. Taking a breath, she started time running toward the bank. There were two police cars in front of the bank, four men behind the cars. She stopped in front of them to see a tall, large man in a rhino suit break down the wall from inside. Intimidated, she stepped back.
“Whoa, there. You’re kinda big and a lot of muscles.”
He laughed at her, “Who are you?”
“A superhero,” she said with some pride in her voice.
He laughed more, dropping the four bags of money he carried in his right hand and grabbing the front of her costume holding her up, “You think you can stop me, Shrimpette?”
“Yeah, sure,” she said coolly, hiding the terror she felt inside.
He dropped her on the ground, then the other four bags of money and stomped over to the police cars. Grabbing the hoods and holding them up, he looked at her.
“Stop me,” was all he said as he brought down the cars to hit the men.
She shrieked and held out her hands, concentrating hard on stopping him. Stop he did along with everyone else as far she could see. It didn’t matter at that point. She raced to the men and touching one on the shoulder, she envisioned him moving. A terrified yell came from him, then stopped. To her surprise, it worked.
“It’s okay,” she said, smiling.
“What the-Who are you?” he stammered.
“Just a superhero,” she shrugged, “Now, you need to go somewhere safer. He’s gonna crush you guys.”
She ran through, unpausing the other three policemen, then looked out. Scanning the other side of the road, she looked to see if everything was safe. The cars going by looked okay except for one. She ran over to it and tried to make her start again, too. A faint headache formed, and she realized it was from keeping time stopped while keeping four other people moving, and trying to help a fifth. The woman in the car screamed, then looked around. With a horrified expression, she opened her door.
“What’s going on? I need to get to work!”
This woman looked familiar but she just said, “Look, you’re in the path of a bad guy.”
“Oh my god!” she screamed, stepping back.
“It’ll be okay. Just get over there,” she grabbed the woman’s hand and pulled her to the right.
“Hey, wait! Are you the one who stopped the gang a few nights ago?”
“Yes, just please lets go over here,” she got behind the woman and started pushing her away from the carnage.
She turned to face her and said, “I’m Kaylee Adams, and I was assigned to cover your story. What‘s your name?”
“Look, I don’t have a name yet, and you need to move it!” she said frustrated, “I can’t keep time stopped forever!”
“Wow, it’s kind of like-”
“I don’t care, just please go,” she pleaded.
Kaylee Adams screamed and ran off. The young hero looked and saw the car coming toward her. She ran to the right just out of reach as it crashed into the ground.
“How’d you get over there?” Rhino loudly asked, looking at her.
“I’m that good!” she yelled.
He grunted and sprinted toward her. She pushed Kaylee, who still stood next to her, away. Seeing how close he was, she dropped to her hands and knees, hoping to end up between his feet other than under them. He ran right past her, safely between his feet. Standing up now she laughed.
“I should send you somewhere far away!”
“You little…” he charged toward her again.
This was how she wanted it. Right before he crushed her, she’d open a portal to another dimension. She was thinking a jungle. How about seeing how strong he really was against some other dimension rhino. A web wraped around the villain and he fell to the asphalt. That wasn’t supposed to happen. Landing gracefully on top of Rhino was Spider-Man.
“Are you okay?” he asked.
“I’m fine,” she sad, not sure whether to be angry or happy for the help, then said, “I didn’t need you to come and save me. I had it under control.”
“Didn’t look like it from here.”
“Yeah, well, it was fine!” She looked at him angrily.
Deep down she knew she wasn’t going to win an argument with him. Balling her fist she looked up at the sky, thinking of something else to say. Something great as she walked away. But Spider-Man beat her to it.
“So I don’t get any kind of thank you, huh?”
“Isn’t that what you’re used to?”
“I just thought I’d get more respect from a fellow superhero.”
He was right. She stamped down her foot in anger and looked away. It would’ve been great to apologize, but it would’ve felt better to punch him. This was something she wanted to do on her own.
“Sorry,” she grumbled, then without warning, she pushed him, throwing all of her bodyweight into it.
Then she stopped time and ran off. She wasn’t sure where to go, but she was getting away to find someone else to fight. Somewhere where she could do it on her own. After running for a few minutes, she stopped, taking deep breaths. Time must’ve started again, because cars started to whiz by. She thought about the fight with Rhino. Traffic must be horrible there now. Not only did he hit some cars with the police vehicles, some cars must’ve stopped so they didn’t hit him running into her in the road. Maybe she should stay to back alleys for awhile. Take time to practice on her powers and saving people skills.
“Hey!” Someone yelled, “That guy took the money from my register.”
Fate was being nice today. No other superheroes seemed to be around. It was all her. After another deep breath she ran after him, a few feet ahead. Then it came to her. Concentrating hard, she stopped time. She ran ahead of him, and turned around to face his frozen body. Starting time again, she crouched some and rammed her elbow into his stomach as he sprinted forward. The man fell back, dropping the small bag of money.
She grabbed the bag and the back of the collar of his shirt. Dragging him on the ground, she walked toward the small man who stood by the door of his little store.
“Thank you, so much,” he said taking the money she handed him.
“No problem.”
The man groaned.
“What will you do with him?” asked the man.
“Not sure…”
The little man ran back into his store, then came out with some rope.
“Tie him up, and leave him here. I sent an alarm to the cops after he started taking the cash out.
“Thanks,” she said and tied the man tightly.
She ran into the alley a few blocks away, realizing, she needed a better way to leave (and appear) on the scene.


Issue 3     Issue 5

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