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TimeBomb – Issue 5

Disclaimer: Just wanted to let you know that I don’t own the Marvel Universe, I’m just borrowing it. _________________________________________ Skye turned on the news to hear about the new hero who helped Spider-Man subdue Rhino and then stopped the robbery … Continue reading

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Nightmare Chasers – Interval 6

Rubbing her temples, Maya sighed loudly. Another sleepless night. Earlier on in the evening her nightmares came, more than usual, then after two hours of laying in bed Maya put her hair up, changed out of her pajamas, and paced. … Continue reading

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I Don’t Have Any Excuses

I’m just bad with time management, and honestly, kinda lazy when it comes to typing up my chapters. These two qualities go hand in hand. Sadly. For any readers that are out there, if you are there…I’ll be honest here, … Continue reading

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