I Don’t Have Any Excuses

I’m just bad with time management, and honestly, kinda lazy when it comes to typing up my chapters. These two qualities go hand in hand. Sadly.

For any readers that are out there, if you are there…I’ll be honest here, part of me uploading my story to here was yes to get it out there, but also to help make me organized. (It’s really been working huh?) The thing was, I wasn’t really MAKING myself do it. THis was how my week would go.

Sunday: Look at calendar and think “Oh,I have three days until I need to upload anything. I’ll type it up later.
Monday: It’ll only take a day, I’ll work on it tomorrow.
Tuesday: I don’t know which to do first, I really want to get both on the laptop. Thinks, then decides to read, or remembers I need to do something else.
Wednesday: Whoa! Wednesday already!? I gotta type it up. Then the other story too…feels too late for the other story…
Thursday: I gotta finish typing the story!
Friday: Now it’s time to write the next chapters in my notebook.
Saturday: Reads over, and makes changes if need be

Then it starts again. I need to organize myself, so here I will go trying again. It’ Monday. I’m not doing a darn thing tonight, so I will make me tyoe my next chapter. I don’t know how, but I will. Maybe I’ll attempt to see how calm my Wednesday will be when I actually get it done on time.

This is where I will say sorry. Sorry about all that. This is a work in prgoress, and I know that to get readers I have to keep at it, despite my horrid organizational skills.

BUT! I do have something. I’m a terrible artist, so I’ve gotten some books to teach myself how to draw. Well I’ve done a few sketches and practice things, so I decided to upload them here to show you how my drawings look now, and I the practicing I’m doing. I don’t plan on always showing my bad drawings on here, but a few right now won’t kill anyone…right? They are seriously bad, by the way…

Practice hands, feet, and eyes…lots oif eyes


My first draft of Ulric…I see a lot wrong here


Jasime’s first drawing…eh they both need work


Here’s my practice. Sorry if it came off too light, and yes, they ain’t great. But at least I’m practicing. And they are a bit manga-esque aren’t they…?



About Ivie

I'm Ivie. An aspiring writer. A dreamer. A lover. A young woman. Just trying to find my way in the world.
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