Nightmare Chasers – Interval 6

Rubbing her temples, Maya sighed loudly. Another sleepless night. Earlier on in the evening her nightmares came, more than usual, then after two hours of laying in bed Maya put her hair up, changed out of her pajamas, and paced. It didn’t help her sleep or ward off nightmares, but it certainly helped her to calm down. And calm was just what she needed. Everything flew around in her head from the nightmares to caring for her unit in Tammie’s absence.
She stood from her spot at the end of her bed in the little room in the headquarters and walked over to the small mirror. Looking at herself, she covered her gray eye. All this trouble over one mistake. She could remember it all. The anger, the blood, the pain, and the realization of it all. Maya shook her head and walked to the door. There was no way she was going to go back there. Not now at least.
When she reached the little kitchenette, she sank into the seat of the table. Taking a deep breath, she leaned her head back. There were other people in the back bedrooms. It was a little after seven in the morning. Any minute they’d be coming out. Time to clear the mind and relax. Showing emotions to anyone else was not her goal. The last time that happened, she was a victim. Never again.
“Hey, Maya.”
She looked over to see Otto’s dark, hazel eyes beaming at her, “Don’t you have somewhere to be? You’re not even supposed to be here while undercover.”
“I called to tell them I’d be late today. It’s not like anyone’s going to follow the lowly janitor home, anyway,” he said, casually sitting in the seat next to her.
“Late?” she asked, trying to keep her cool, “Let me remind you, you’re undercover as in watching to make sure no more girls go missing. Sitting here isn’t doing your job.”
“Oh, don’t get your panties in a bunch. Four other people are there, and I’ll be there soon.”
Out off all the people to be in the bedrooms, she had to get stuck with the one that didn’t listen to her. Typical.
“Can’t you go bug someone else?”
He plastered on a fake frown, “That’s not very nice. I just wanted to know if you’d like to go grab some coffee with me. Maybe a donut, too.”
She looked over his relaxed figure. Quickly, he flashed his eyes in her direction, then looked away rubbing the back of his neck. That meant it was a sincere request, and he was anxious to hear her answer. Could she really reject him like that.
“No,” was all she said to him.
“Really?” Disappointment showed in his eyes while surprise came from his voice. “It’ll only be fifteen minutes. Twenty tops. You need to get out of here. Do you ever leave this place other than to go on missions?”
“You’re the one who needs to get out of here,” she retorted, now with an attitude forming.
“That’s the leader in you I like to hear,” he stood up.
“Great. Now go. Please.”
He walked backwards to the door, “I’m off. But breakfast, after this undercover mission. I’m not taking no for an answer. You can’t stay here all the time.”
Smiling he walked out the door before she could answer. He did that all the time. She really hated it.

*  *  *

Jasmine was worn out. She slouched to the ground panting. Gym class wasn’t half bad. Maybe even the highlight of her day. They played tennis. Who knew running arounf playing games would be a class. The only real downside was that they had to play outside. All that sun irritated her skin and in her mind, threw off her game.
The whistle blew. She stood and followed the other students into the gym. Looking over her arms, she saw that they were slightly pink and tingled. As long as she kept clear of the sun for the rest of the day she should heal by the night. Another vampire downfall. One day she’ll turn into ash if she’s not careful according to Cornelius. Now she thought she could believe it. Next time she’d bring more sun block and put it on before gym.
She quickly dressed and headed for the cafeteria. Two things needed to happen. First she had to find that Mariah and try to make friends and then second she had to track down the paranormal club. Jassie figured she could use Mariah’s lunch invitation from yesterday for today. It couldn’t hurt.
The cafeteria to sat the least reminded her of the training room during evaluation month, when everyone crowded in and watched different teams fight off androids. This place was just as loud and crowded; all it needed was fight in the center of the room. Anxiety took over when she went deeper into the room. It wasn’t because of all the people (she’s been in many places filled with people), but because she wasn’t near anyone that knew what she was.
Being here wasn’t any different than being in the mall. The people with flowing blood and beating hearts did make her slightly uneasy, but the real anxiety stemmed from going it alone and not carrying any blood on her. To avoid any unneeded suspicion, she was ordered to keep her normal pouches of blood that fed her while out and about with Eli, who was acting as a new science teacher. Along with that order, biting someone was out of the question.
A force collided into her back, almost sending her face first into the floor.
“Excuse you,” she said, standing straight and turning to find herself eye level with another girl’s bosom.
“What was that?” Said the tall, stocky girl, leaning over to look Jasmine right in the eyes.
“I said, ‘excuse you’, you know, manners,” she said, realizing that came off with more of an attitude than intended.
“Do you know who you’re talking to?” The girl asked, roughly grabbing the collar of Jassie’s shirt.
“No one worth my time at this point,” she gripped the girl’s hand, careful not to hold on too hard.
Her teeth clenched as she narrowed her light green eyes then, pushing Jasmine to the ground she said, “You wanna say that again, little girl?”
Anger grew insider of the half vampire as she stood up. This girl needed a good punch to the face. But, that’s not what Penelope would do. It was made clear that Penelope was a weaker girl. Would this be worth ruining the mission? Oh, yes. Her hand balled into a tight fist. The other girl noticed, and smirked, making a fist herself.
Just one hit. One to that mouth of hers…no. Jasmine knew this wasn’t the way. She couldn’t mess this up. There was too much to lose. Relaxing her hand, she looked down. The bully smiled wide, red bangs covering her gleaming eyes. This was going to be embarrassing, and probably sting a bit too.
“Hey!” A girl ran between them, arms open and protective of Jassie, “Leave the new girl alone, Lacey.”
“No. This doesn’t have to happen. Think of it as an accident. Just leave her alone. You can’t-”
“Excuse me!” A male teacher yelled, walking over to them, “What’s going on here!?”
She looked up to see a teacher glance at her. His dark brown eyes burned into her.
“Nothing, Coach Frenz,” said Lacey.
“Good. Now break it up!”
Lacey and the teacher walked off but Mariah turned around.
“Are you okay? You gotta be careful.”
“Yeah,” Jasmine paused, unsure of what else to say to this unexpected rescue, then decided on, “Thanks for that.”
“Oh, no prob. You should stay with me and my friends for awhile.”
“Why?” Jasmine asked, she was going to suggest staying with them first, and felt a little cheated she got beat to saying so.
“Cause you need some brawn to go with that mouth, and I’ve got plenty with my friends. You look kinda weak,” then she quickly added, “no offense.”
“None taken,” she said.
Weak!? No one called her weak! No one even would’ve thought to say she looked weak, either. The anger flared back, but only for a minute, then subsided.
“Come on,” Mariah said, walking to the door, “We eat outside.”
Great, more sunlight, “Coming,” she said, following. It’s not like she had much else of a choice.
“I think we’re destined to be friends.”
“That was just a coincidence,” Jassie mumbled quietly, walking outside with her.

*  *  *

He entered the dark basement. A shadowy figure sat in the only chair off to the side. What looked like the figure of a young girl stood next to the chair, holding something in both hands.
“Sir,” he started, walking to the chair.
“Stop, Vorte. Don’t tell me anything unless you’ve found more candidates.”
“I believe I have. You do remember the Nightmare Chasers?”
“I do. Who could forget them?”
“You said yourself that they’re the best option with their fighting background. How about two, new younger agents?”
“And who are these two younger agents?”
Vorte took a few steps closer, “How about Ulric Mattox and Jasmine Kitto?”
“NO!” he yelled, fists hitting the armrests hard.
“But sir, they’re strong, and Jasmine’s already-” he was cut off.
The figure stood and grabbed Carl Vorte’s throat. He saw the vampire’s red eyes and felt his sharp nails digging into his throat.
“How long could a half vampire go without breathing? Half an hour?” There was a smile in voice, Carl could hear it, then the vampire threw him to the ground, “I have no use for something I never finished. Kill her. Either you get someone to do it, or you do it, but see that it’s done.”
“But, sir, I really think-”
“QUIET!” He grabbed the arm of the young figure and powerfully pushed her forward. She squealed and fell while glass broke around her from whatever she was holding, “Show Mr. Vorte out.” After she didn’t move for a few seconds he yelled, “Now, scum!”
She quickly got up and ran over to Carl, slightly bowed and pointed to the door, walking over to it, letting him out.

Interval Five Interval Seven
I originally didn’t want to show my bad guys until later on, but I think this fits pretty okay. I think. But, yay it’s back. If you’re there.

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