TimeBomb – Issue 5

Disclaimer: Just wanted to let you know that I don’t own the Marvel Universe, I’m just borrowing it.

Skye turned on the news to hear about the new hero who helped Spider-Man subdue Rhino and then stopped the robbery of a convenience store. What were they calling this new hero? According to Kaylee Adams, this new hero was like a time bomb, no wait, that’s who she is…TimeBomb. She was able to stop and start time, how amazing the reporter emphasized. Skye turned off the small television, surprised at her the news reporter’s excitement, and left for school.
Of course, she was excited herself, but not that early in the morning. She was more thankful that her step-father wasn’t out of bed as she left. Instead of taking the city bus, she decided to walk, secretly hoping to find some bad guy out there. Deep down, she wasn’t too big on being a noble superhero and all, but the thrill of what was happening really made her want to do it again.
Sadly, as she reached school, nothing happened that required a TimeBomb apperance. She walked down the hallway, saying hi to the usual people. Skye Belle was by no means “popular” but she was well liked and known to many by her involvement with the gymnastics team while in middle school. A girl with short blonde hair ran up to her.
“Skye Belle! Skye Belle! Check this out!”
The girl held out her cell phone to show an internet video of TimeBomb mouthing off to Spider-Man. There was never a time before now that she wanted to be swallowed into the ground. There was over a million views. Oops. Maybe Spider-Man didn’t watch internet videos. Regret hit her in the face. She never dealt with anything she did being put on camera, nonetheless the internet.
“That’s really funny, Violet. Hilarious.”
“I know,” she squealed, “So many people like this TimeBomb person already.”
That was one good thing, “Really? I missed it all, honestly.”
Violet linked her arm in Skye’s and started to tell her about the new superhero while walking down the hallway.

*  *  *

Later that night, TimeBomb stood on the top of a building. Isn’t that what superheroes did anyway? Watch their city while it sleeps from the night sky? She wasn’t sure how to go about finding these bad guys. Other than going to a rough part of towb and looking, she had no other option. She wished she had a useful power like hearing someone’s screams for help easily or some kind of villain vision. Seedy neighborhood it was.
She quietly hopped down the escape ladder, and ran through the alleys to the outskirts of her neighborhood, where the sketchy people hung out, and many small crimes happened. It was a quiet night crime wise. People were everywhere, but no misfortunes. Maybe tonight just wasn’t her night. She backed deeper into an alley getting ready to climb up the escape ladder when she heard a scream. A terrified scream. It was behind a cracked open door to her right. It was time to go in. What was the worst she’d find behind a partially closed door?
Quietly, she walked into a small hallway. Another scream came from the door down farther on the right. TimeBomb crouched and peeked through the small opening in the door. She saw the back of a man who was holding something in front of him with his right hand and waving a gun around with his left. In front of him was an older woman cowering, holding a young girl close to her chest.
“Just give me everything you own,” said the man with the gun, “and I will let him go and then I’ll go and none of this needs to be remembered.”
“I’ll do anything! Just please, put the gun down,” screamed the mother.
TimeBomb knew what to do. Taking a deep breath, she thought of everything quiet and still. After a few seconds there was complete silence. She walked into the room, put both hands on the gun. Relaxing her concentration, she let it all go and kept an iron grip on the gun. Once she felt it move she wrenched it out of his hand.
“What the-” he started, looking at her.
“You let the little boy go,” she said, throwing the gun to the side and looking down at the petrified young boy stuck in the man’s hold.
“Lets see ya make me.”
TimeBomb ran over to him and bit down hard on his hand. His grip loosened and she drove her fist as hard as she could into his nose. He took a surprised step back, letting go of the boy completely. Before he could recover she ran forward, pushing her shoulder into his chest, both of them landing on the floor. The man gasped, sounding relieved and held her head down on the ground with his hand while he got up.
“Get up,” he said, grabbing her by the shoulder, “You need to fight me, now,” he rammed her into a wall.
Opening her eyes, she saw his fist coming toward her. Oh, please stop, please she thought to herself, then before hitting her nose, his fist was frozen. She tried to pry his still fingers from her shoulder, then decided to just try and wiggle free. Rotating her shoulders, she finally got free, landing on the ground. TimeBomb crawled under his legs and stood, then started time again. This time, she jumped on him from behind, her arm tightly in front of his throat. They both crashed into the floor again. Frantic, the man reached behind, trying to grab her, then caught a chunk of her hair and pulled.
She backed off, then quickly stood and stomped her stiletto heel into his hand.
“There!” She said loudly, then kicked him in the side of his chest, “There we go.” She turned and looked at the family, “You’re safe now.”
The mother looked at her, holding both children close, “You won’t hurt us?”
“Of course not. I was just trying to help. I mean I’m new and all-”
“Look out!” screamed the mother turning away.
TimeBomb turned to see the man holding his gun up and then he hit her with the butt of it on the side of her head. Dazed, she fell to her knees, holding her head.
“Try that on for size,” he said, and kicked her in the stomach.
“Ow,” she doubled over as he ran out from the house.

*  *  *

Sitting on the floor in front of her bed, Skye Belle ripped her mask off. That didn’t go too well. The only good thing was that no one was dead. She laid her head back. Tomorrow could be better. Or the day after. All she nkew was that she wasn’t going to give up that easily.

Issue 4

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