TimeBomb – Issue 6

Disclaimer: I do not own Marvel nor do I make money from this. That is all.


Timebomb stood on the rooftop of an apartment building. Isn’t that what superheroes did? Hang out on the roof and brood over their enemies and lonely hero lifestyle? So, she wasn’t doing that, but she was thinking of better ways to get around. She was reduced to running everywhere, which was tiring, and she thought about using her powers to try and teleport, but she needed to go through different dimensions first which in her opinion took way too long. If she practiced enough maybe she could learn to just be able to teleport? She needed to look into that.
It was another boring night as she watched the streets. With nothing to get the adreniline pumping, she was a little discouraged at the night. There had to be something somewhere. Maybe she should start exploring different dimensions for some action.
“Hey, you,” said a gruff voice.
Startled, she slowly turned around to see a tall, muscularly built man all in black and with a white skull across the front of his chest.
“I wasn’t doing anything, I swear.” Was all she said, but she wished something better came out. If only eh didn’t sneak up on her like that.
“You’re that Timebomb girl?”
“Yeah, um,” she paused, taking a breath then said a little calmer, “I’m guessing you’re the Punisher, big white skull and all, um, am I brooding in your spot or something?”
“We need to talk.”
Oh great, was she in trouble even with a mask on?
“You are the one who took down Murray of The Viper’s Fangs, right?” He stepped closer.
“Yeah. So?”
“I’ve heard Murray’s angry with you and he’s getting out of jail in a day or two.”
“No way. He’s only been in for a couple of days. No one gets released like that.”
“He was a small time thug who joined the Maggia in hopes of becoming New York’s new kingpin of crime. His nickname was Murdermen. Do you know how he got it?”
“Sounds like because he murdered men.”
“Because he was good at it, and he liked it, and he’s coming after you when hr gets out.” The Punisher said loudly, almost yelling.
That statement terrified her, but she wouldn’t say that, “Look,” she started, “it’s great you’re telling me this but I don’t need your warning, old man.”
With that said she was about to open a portal to another dimension and dramatically leave, until she saw his hand go for a gun in his holster. What was he going to do with that? She faced him as he held his gun up and pointed it right at her head. Fear rushed into heart. There was no way he was going to shoot her here, right?
“What will you do?” He asked, his finger on the trigger.
“Dude! I’m sorry! I didn’t mean to call you old man! I’m only sixteen! You wouldn’t shoot me in cold blood would you!?” Her stomach felt like it was doing somersaults and she could feel her body shaking. “Please, I am so sorry! You’re not old at all…Mr. Punisher, sir.”
He lowered his gun, “This is what you’d do if someone held a gun out to you?”
“Wha-what?” She asked, confused.
“I wasn’t going to shoot you. I wanted to see what you were going to do. Obviously run like a coward.”
He turned and started to walk off. As she watched, she didn’t want him to leave thinking she was just some scared little girl. No. She’d show him what she could do.
“Mr. Punisher!” she called, “I’ll show you what I’d do!”
She ran over to him, hesitated, then put her hand on his shoulder. He simply looked at her without a word. It was now or never, and he seemed content not uttering a word to let her know he was listening. Looking around, she noticed the traffic going on below them.
Gripping his shirt sleeve, tugged it forward until he walked with her near the edge of the building.
“What those people and cars down there.”
He said nothing up looked down. Timebomb silently hopped this would work. With her hand still on his arm she thought of everything but the two them being still…
“There,” she said, looking up at him.
He didn’t move. Did she freeze him too? Then he crouched down, looking at the road below them.
“Did they all…stop?” He asked.
“Yeah. I can control time, and keeping just the two of us moving is kinda painful.”
“Then, stop.”
It felt like dropping weights, as she sighed in relieve, “Thanks, ma-Mr. Punisher.”
“What else can you do?”
“Reverse time, slow it down, speed it up, I can even make it go forward but I can only take it so far. And I can enter and exit different dimensions at will. Sometimes not at will…I’ll wake up and be in a jungle or something, but that’s only once in a blue moon.”
“Maybe I underestimated you.”
“Yeah you did!” She yelled, then said quieter, “Maybe.”
“Come with me,” was all he said as he walked away.
Curious Timebomb followed him all the way to the sidewalk where she saw a big black van parked. He opened the passenger door and gestured.
“I know better than to get in a stranger’s vehicle.”
“I’m very glad you’re using that head, but I’m taking you somewhere to fight.”
“Like bad guys?”
She shrugged, she could trust the Punisher, right? Taking a step forward, she looked at him, then stopped.
“I can’t go in your van. I hardly know you, and to be quite honest, I’m afraid of you.”
“Good choice,” he said, slamming the door shut. “I’ll be back tomorrow.”
“Tomorrow!? Why, what’s going on?”
“I’m going to help you to not get killed by Mudermen. You are only sixteen.” He walked over to the other side of the car, “And I see a potential ally in you…if trained right.”
With that he got in his van and drove off.

So I know, no action at all, but I was feeling lazy, besides, she can’t be fighting all the time right? Am I right???

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