It May Come Alive

So instead of giving you a new chapter, I’m giving you my thoughts for a new story. I’m not going to stop writing my other one, but I ended up going out and doing some unexpected, shopping with a friend for some Halloween stuff. It was a nice little outing with a friend I haven’t hung with for a few months. BUT! While we were out, we were talking about horror movies, which turned into movies we like period. I told her that I love alien movies and books. And as much as I think some paranormal romance novels can be cool (if done right), I like my alien books and movies with evil, bloodthirsty, ready to take over and kill/experiment on the human race!!! I just love aliens in fiction. It got me to thinking about an alien book I tried to write back in my freshman year of high school. I wrote two chapters, and gave it to a friend to read, who in turn gave it to a few others, and when it made it’s way back to me, a few people liked it, but I couldn’t think of a way to continue, so I pretty much gave up right then and there.

Since my freshman year (which was 6 years ago), it’s been sitting in my writing folder. Now after talking about aliens with my friend today, I decided to dig it up. I read it over, and I realize now I don’t think it turned it out well. So at first I thought of rewriting the original idea which was that the aliens come to earth to destroy it (for an unknown reason yet to be revealed) but one alien takes pity on a young adult who just graduated from high school and was living on her own and takes her in his ship, and lets her become his personal slave instead of another experiment, and I think eventually the plot was to have them fall in love and whatever, but that was all I had written for it.

For this new version of the story, I thought that I’d make an alien crash landed on earth, and is saved by the young woman who just graduated from high school who was staying at her family’s vacation home for a few weeks by herself before starting college. The alien (after getting the strength) reveals that he’s here to merely observe earthlings, his people won’t destroy the planet. Only for her to find out later that a different alien species will destroy the earth, while this alien’s here to see if humans are meant to be preserved after the earth’s gone. If that makes sense. Does it?

Just a side note: I want to take this time to let you all know, as much as I love the holidays for many different reasons for each, I’m not big on doing “specials” or directly celebrating them in my writing (or drawings). I don’t mind a special winter themed short story and mention Christmas, but I don’t like doing a special Christmas story cause well, it’s done so much already. The only holidays I do that for are Thanksgiving and New Years usually. And the occasional Anti-Valentine’s Day oneshot. So if I don’t do anything Halloween (or any other) themed and don’t with you a happy/merry whatever don’t be offended. Cause I’ve ran into a few people that were. Seriously.

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I'm Ivie. An aspiring writer. A dreamer. A lover. A young woman. Just trying to find my way in the world.
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