Childhood Memories of a Vampire Hunter

Yesterday’s prompt was childhood memories, and for it, I decided to use one of my characters in Nightmare Chasers. In the actual story, his mother will show up later on, and if I’m going to put this into the story, I’m not sure yet. It will be a long while before then…I think. Today’s prompt will be up later…I’m still writing it. Heh.


Prompt 4 – Childhood Memories

Ulric, still at an unnoticeable distance, watched his mother walk out of the General’s office. Such a stern woman, she was. Her mouth was as straight line, looking as if she never smiled once in her life. That wasn’t true…she smiled plenty of course. Before his father’s death, honestly. He always liked to remember one of their more serene moments together for comfort. They were at the park. He was four, and her lips never frowned then.

“Come on, sweetie,” she had said in a musical tone, “Lets go on the big slide!”

“The big slide?” He asked nervously, looking at it, then at his father.

His father gave a deep, but comforting laugh and said, “Go on with Mommy. I’ll be here to catch you.”

He took his mother’s soft, warm hand and they ran over to the slide together. The ladder looked like it could reach the clouds – well it looked like that then. But his mother stayed right behind him. His hands slowly moved to each wrung. At that time, he was scared. Never did he go on the big slide before. When he reached the top, he sat there for a moment. Hands gently touched his shoulders. Looking back, he was met by his mother’s loving and encouraging smile. All she did was kiss his cheek. That said it all. She loved him, and it made him brave, like his father. He pushed off.

Down he went. Hands up with a gleeful scream. It was so fast, he felt nervous as the wind brushed his face. Before he knew it he was in his father’s protective embrace.

“Good job, Ulric,” he said with pride, grinning.

Laughing, his mom came down the slide next, stood up with her arms out and hugged them both. Yes, that was how it went. It was one of his very few memories of being four, and it meant everything to him.

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