Yeah, I Didn’t Post Everyday!

So what!?!?!?

Don’t judge me!!!

I know…horrible, right? I manage to be really good at getting behind. Ugh! But I have two posts. And then tomorrow I’ll put up yesterday’s and today’s. And tomorrow’s of course. Maybe next time I won’t let myself get to backed up, right? Anyway…on to the writing.

Prompt 7 – Gilding a Lily

She looked at the scenery in front of her. It was breathtaking, really. The colorful array of flowers, the green leaves on the trees, and the small creek off to the side; it was all just so beautiful. Someone could jump into that place. And it was her very own creation. The very best thing she had put on canvas for awhile. Sitting back, she took a breath. Great job…wait. Maybe not so much. Last time, she was overconfident. Perhaps, some more flowers would be nice. And someone looking down into the little creek. Yes, it needed a person. Without a second thought, she picked up her brush, gently adding more flowers, and a young boy – with his prized stuffed bear. This was going to be her best ever.

“There,” she said after two hours of more work, quite pleased with herself.

Looking it over, something hit her. All of the flowers…they seemed so cramped. And the boy, he looked too small, like he himself was a toy. He didn’t belong, did he? He made it look like a crowded place. To think, she made the same mistake again. Overconfidence again. Her biggest mistake was to make something already perfect in every way better.


Prompt 8 – First Romance

First Love
He looks across the room.
Her eyes quickly catch his heart.
It starts at “hello”
then turns into long calls.
Soon, they’re going out to play.
She smiles at him
while he tells her his dreams.
Love letters in the locker
shows how much he cares.
Mix tapes in her writing
reveals her true feelings, too.
It’s just so perfect.
Too bad they’re just sixteen.
It’s just a beginning love.

About Ivie

I'm Ivie. An aspiring writer. A dreamer. A lover. A young woman. Just trying to find my way in the world.
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