The Ballad of Little Aurora

Since I kind of knew I was falling behind, I decided to put the same character in the next three prompts. Here we go.

Prompt 9 – Orchards

Too short to reach the prize
she stands on her toes.
Reaching, reaching up high.
Her eyes open wide.
It’s the best of the best
when it’s from the top.
She can’t do it alone.
Hands grab her small waist.
Up she goes to get it
safe in her dad’s arms.
A smile on her face.
The apple is hers.

Prompt 10 – Disillusionment

Was it so long ago?
The tragic accident?
Blood on the front seat,
screaming in the air.
She didn’t understand.
No one dies at that age.
It’s been two years now.
They’ve been gone so long.
Her parents were away,
on a long vacation.
That was all she knew.
What two years can do.
They were picking apples
just having so much fun.
Then on the way home
something hit them hard.
Parents dead on impact,
her screaming out in fear.
Now she knows the truth.

Prompt 11 – Guardian Angels

Little girl left alone.
No one in the world.
Torn away from love.
“Don’t worry, we’re watching,”
they say quietly.
She hears them in bed.
Overwhelming calm comes
rocking her to sleep.
She’s not alone yet.
The angels are watching.
Taking care of her
only from afar.

So…what did you think?

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I'm Ivie. An aspiring writer. A dreamer. A lover. A young woman. Just trying to find my way in the world.
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