Hugging Her Savior

Prompt 14 – Gratitude

“I give you my life,” she said, relief in her voice.

“No really, it was nothing,” Jasmine said, holding her hands up to prevent a hug from happening.

The girl persistently held her arms out, following the half vampire with every step she took backwards. She wasn’t sure what was going on with this girl. Sure, she saved her from an ogre, but it was her job. This girl needed to go away. Why didn’t she run off the way everyone else did? And it wasn’t like she was a young child either. She had to be at least in her late twenties.

“Please, it’s just a hug. A little something for helping me,” her hazel eyes glittered in happiness.

“Really, look, just stop would you!?” Jassie asked harshly.

That didn’t stop her at all. She just wrapped her arms around Jasmine and pulled her into her warm embrace. She hadn’t been hugged in years. Her cheeks slightly turned red in embarrassment. Deep down, she hoped Ulric, her partner wasn’t able to see this. The hug seemed to last forever. She sighed. Was this what everyone loved to do so much with their friends? Ugh. Finally, they broke apart.

Jasmine smiled and said, “Okay. So now I just need to go-”

“But I owe you my life. We need to trade numbers, at least.”

“No, you don’t owe me a thing. We don’t need to do that,” she sighed.

Where was the clean up crew? Generally after an incident, a crew comes in to handle the aftermath. It all stayed hush hush of course, since no one is to know that these kinds of monster truly are roaming the earth. It was simple. The crew came in, cleaned up the area, if it was real bad, they staged another (more normal) type of accident, and then of course for the people involved, a witch or wizard or whoever could use magic came in and altered the memories of the victims and bystanders. Though at times, some people were brought into the Nightmare Chasers organization, but that was for special situations. Like a death. No one died here. It was a normal situation.

“Are you sure?” The woman insisted, “May I just have your name, then?”

Is she for real?

“Betty,” the half vampire lied.

“Hey,” said a voice from behind, “Is she the only one who saw this?”

Jasmine turned to see a tall, slim woman looking down at her. It was Gretchen, one of the senior witches. Instead of wearing the normal black bodysuit, she wore a professional looking suit and jacket outfit.

“Yeah, she is.”

“Good,” she said quietly, then spoke up, looking to the woman, “Hi there, Amy Johnson from The Southwestern Times, may I get your input on this? What happened here?”

Before the woman could fully reply, Gretchen linked her arm with hers and started walking away. A soft green light appeared on the witch’s hand. She was going to erase the woman’s memory. That was the best way for her to show gratitude.


So, just wanted to say this features Jasmine from my story Nightmare Chasers. This isn’t anywhere in the story, nor will it show up. This is a just for fun writing for the prompt. I wanted to use my characters and stuff. Yeah. Anyway, hope you liked it.

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I'm Ivie. An aspiring writer. A dreamer. A lover. A young woman. Just trying to find my way in the world.
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