The Mind of a Supervillain

The doctor did it! I’m going to post all of my prompts separately. Here we go…!


Prompt 12 – Different Ways of Thinking

“Perhaps I was wrong,” he said to himself quietly.

Never did he, The Haunted Masque, ever have such a thought. To do good for all of the people around him was never in his plans. While in the middle of a fight with his nemesis, Crawler, he declared that it wasn’t his will to take over the city or earth, but just to show everyone that he was indeed no joke when he called himself a threat. Crawler then pointed out to him that deep down they were…the same, and that they should be comrades not enemies. It couldn’t be true! But that hero went on insisting, that he wanted to show he was a serious superhero, and that they were two sides to a coin. One was heads, the other tails, but they were both on the same coin. Bah! Evil was the only way to be taken seriously. It was the only way to be admired and feared at once. No one could tell him otherwise…then again, he saw Crawler’s success with those people. They did take him seriously. When he told them to run, they ran or if he said they needed to be quiet, they were quiet. No one laughed, or mocked him. Still! It was all about the fear – wasn’t it? People respect what they fear, don’t they? Crawler always said that wasn’t the case, but The Haunted Masque knew the truth. Or did he. He brought his hands to his temples.

“Have I been doing this wrong the whole time?” He asked himself with a sigh.


Very far from my original idea. It also tells me I should work on the names I give my superheroes.

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