It’s Time To Break Out The Pens!

So, all of this writing everyday has truly motivated me to continue with my story that I post on here, Nightmare Chasers. (I feel like I tell you all so much about it but haven’t actually posted a new chapter…) Anyway, my only problem is I know where I want to get with the story, but I’m trying to figure out which way to take to get there. If that makes sense. Like I already know how this story will end. I know who’s going to win, lose, die, live on. I know it all, but I just don’t know what events will happen between where I am in the story now to that end. It’s like I constantly get a new idea, and I write down and tell myself “I’ll find out how to work that in”. Then I’ll just change part of the story completely to have that one new idea be part of the big picture. You know? Somebody, tell me you understand here.

My goal for today is to write out all of my ideas, and figure out where they go in the story and then stay true to that idea and finish this story.

But since my imagination is always on drive, I’ve been looking over some other stuff, and I came across something I wrote awhile ago in high school. It was my attempt at a funny, but dumb superhero who wasn’t all that super. This is called, The Adventures of Cafeteria Lady and BookWorm. Oh yeah. Of course, since I wrote it when I was 15, it’s full of dumb, overly sexual jokes that really are absurd. One of Cafeteria Lady’s superhero friends was McDonalds Man with his Super Size Me power! I feel like rewriting this series, but to keep it as funny as I can but less dumb. CL will fight evil around the fictional school she’s in. And believe me…it’s evil. I want to make it food based evil….cause I can. More things to write out!

Also, I need to change up all of those links…..who wants to be on my list of links!?

I just remembered…I have Tumblr that I need to attend to.

Yesterday and today’s prompts will be posted later on today or tonight!

Stay tuned…

About Ivie

I'm Ivie. An aspiring writer. A dreamer. A lover. A young woman. Just trying to find my way in the world.
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