Insanity Is Just A State Of Mind

Saturday’s prompt was “Insanity” and I wrote the sequel to Ronin of the Zombies….kinda. Hah.

Prompt 23 – Insanity

Ronin of the Zombies Part 2
After hours of wandering the sewers, I crawled my way up to the surface. Sitting on a street corner I stared at nothing, gripping my wounded shoulder. Dried up blood painted my skin and hand. It was only hours after the zombie bit me, and I could feel myself loosing control over my thoughts already. The rumor was that it took three days to become a zombie. Within the first day you start to get sick, a fever, some shakes, sometimes vomiting. By the end of the second day, you died. Yes, you physically die. And then sometime during the third day, the virus takes effect, and you’re up and walking again. Of course their were other rumors that you could be saved, provided you were treated before death. Sadly, that rarely happens as once you’re bitten you carry the infection.

My stomach churned, but I felt so hungry. Spasms from my stomach shook my whole body as I coughed. I decided to lay down for awhile. Close my eyes. Once closed all I saw was blood all over. My mouth watered and I licked my lips. No! I didn’t want to consume blood…but I did. To feast on the human body – was a gross and cannibalistic idea. But my teeth ached for it so bad. A growl escaped my lips. Desperate and ill sounding, I wasn’t sure whether I was dying right then and there or just sick. My brain told me I needed to eat, despite how tight my throat felt. Nourishment would help. Shakily, I got on my hands and knees. Staying there for a minute, I wasn’t even sure if I could stand. Then something horrible happened. Footsteps. Coming toward me. And fast. Human fast.

A face was in front of my eyes. Soft, but serious looking. A girl. Her dirty blonde hair brushed against my face. Her skin looked…delicious. I wish I didn’t think that, but I did.

“Hey,” she said, “Are you okay? First stage?”

First stage of what? Zombification? It didn’t matter. My mouth was ready to taste her flesh and blood. But then somewhere I thought that no, she didn’t deserve to die.

“Go away,” I breathed slowly in two breaths.

“No. We have the treatment to save you. Is this the first stage, boy?”

Her hand grabbed my arm and lifted me. I instantly fell onto her. Her free arm wrapped around my waist. Soon we were walking. No. She needed to leave. I looked up at her, my whole body felt weak. But her…so strong. I opened my mouth. Ready to bite. But before I could get at least a taste, I was on the ground. She had pushed me. I crawled over to her. I didn’t want to kill her, but my arms and legs kept moving.

“Run,” I wheezed, coming closer to her.

“I won’t abandon you. We’re not losing another!” She screamed, and pulled a shovel out from behind her.

Something hit my head, and all went black.


What did you think?

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