Nightmare Chasers – Interval 8

The Story Thus Far (In Case Forgotten):
Jasmine Kitto, a half-vampire and Ulric Mattox, a human are agents of the Nightmare Chasers, a secret organization dedicated to stopping evil creatures and beasts from hurting humans around the world. After testing their field tests, Jasmine and Ulric are sent undercover at a school to find out what has been killing the females on school grounds. That didn’t however stop Jasmine, from signing them up to take care of monsters in far away places…

Interval 8

It was Saturday and Ulric wasn’t going to do anything but relax. After two weeks of nothing but homework, lectures, and dead ends from investigating, his brain needed this. Next to him were his “parents” for the time being, two other undercover agents from another unit.

“Ulric!” Jasmine called.

He wasn’t going to respond.

“Sh!” said Shiaya, the agent pretending to be their mother, “If you’re going to yell, at least call him Dennis. No one needs to hear his real name.”

“Don’t worry so much. I doubt the neighbors have supersonic hearing or anything like that.”

“Very, true, our smart daughter,” said Larry, the agent posing as their father, “but it’s best to always stay in character. Just incase.”

Rolling her eyes, she walked over to Ulric, then stopped right in front of him.

“You’re in front of the television, Pen,” was all he said, opening his eyes.

Why should he say anymore? What other reason could she have to talk to him other than to annoy him. Narrowing her eyes, she leaned in close to him and said quietly:

“We are going on a mission, out of ther country. They needed some help back at headquarters. I signed us up for some extra, out of the area help. We can’t have you getting too out of shape, now can we?”

That was outrageous! She couldn’t do that! How could she even sign them without talking to him first!? And while they were undercover! She just bypassed asking, oh, her partner. On the ouside, he remained calm to not let her know how angry he was inside.

“Oh, really?” He could hear the restrained anger in his voice, “When do we leave.”

She smirked as she said, “Right now.”

*   *   *

He knew he shouldn’t have liked that smirk she gave him earlier. Now they were running in a jungle – in Peru. Not to mention running in the usual, black body suit uniforms. There was never a weather influenced one. Perhaps it was time to bring that up to the General. Jassie was easily running ahead of him, her hair up in two buns, that bounced with every step. His hands had the urge to hack them off with one of her swords he was so mad, but he knew better than to do that on a mission.

She turned around and called, “Hurry up! That metabeast isn’t coming to us!”

A metabeast, he knew, was considered an offshoot of a shapeshifter. They were animals, but were able to stand on two feet, and had about the intelligence of a human; some were even rumored to talk. They were actually quite scary with near human intelligence and animal strength and instinct.

“Not all of us have super speed,” he said forcefully.

“I know, but you’re like crawling back there.”

Angrily, he blurted out, “If you were thirstily roasting in your uniform, you’d be moving at crawl speed, too!”

This time she turned and walked over to him, “Hey! Just to let you know, the sunlight’s killing me! My hands and face are buring even with sunblock on!”

“Try it being your whole body!”

Jasmine gave him a hard stare. Silently, she turned and walked on. Ulric expected she wouldn’t have a comment after that. They kept moving in silence. This was pointless. Really, they should’ve been sitting undercover in their house doing what normal teenagers do. Maybe this was her way of getting back at him after practically throwing her into the paranormal club? He wasn’t going to ask with her moody now.

“Just to let you know,” she called, not even turning her head, “the metabeast we’re after is a jaguar.”

“Right. Just keep an eye out for an upright jaguar.”

As if noticing any animal walking like a human wasn’t enough of a hint. Suddenly, Jasmine stiffened. One part of him wanted to ask what was wrong, but the other wanted to yell at her for stopping after she already told him to hurry up. She quickly looked around.

“Ulric…” her voice trailed off.

“What is it, already!?” His voice came out strained and harsh.

Turning to face him, her eyes looked around, “I smell blood. Human blood. Tons of it.”

An ominous expression formed on her face, then she sprinted to her left. Frustration at her burned inside of him as he watched her disappear into the dense trees. Couldn’t she remember that he can’t run that fast nor did he have a nose that could smell blood like hers? As he jogged after her, he hoped this wasn’t some desperate act to ditch him. You could never trust someone with vampire inside of them. His breathing became ragged and sweat trickled down his face and neck. Where did she go?

Hands grabbed his shoulder from behind and pushed him forward.

“This way,” Jasmine’s voice said from behind him.

Reluctantly he let her push him. He didn’t like this. It felt like she thought of him as a little boy that needed guidance. With one rough push, he fell through some bushed and landed on his hands and knees.

“What was that, you-“

“Look up,” was all she said, cutting him off.

Grunting, he looked up. Ulric was met with shock. In front of them was the remnants of a village with blood covered dead bodies scattered all over. The half-vampire walked into the village, carefully stepping around the bodies.

“Was this all from the metabeast?” He asked, getting up.

“I believe so,” she turned to face him, “Could a human have done this?”

“You’d be surprised,” he mumbled quietly.

A scream from Jassie pierced his ears. He looked in her direction and saw her fall to the ground. Blood gushed from her leg, a spear sticking out of her thigh.

“Oh, god,” he said, looking at her.

She tried to get on her knees, but whimpered in pain and dropped down. Watching her struggle, he knew what he should do, but hesitated. He’d never seen Jasmine stuck like this. So vulnerable. So, as much as he hated to admit it, so human. Finally he crouched over her leg.

“I can’t stand.”

“We have to pull it out so your body can heal.”

He grabbed the handle of the spear, and gently inched it out as she flinched with each tug.

“Wait,” she whispered, “Something’s circling us. Fast.”

“I’m almost done,” he said, not looking up.

“No. You’re the one with the shotgun and bullets that can take down an elephant. Go hide and get it ready. It’ll probably come after me since I’m down.”

He stood, “Fine.”

Quickly, he ran behind the remains of a hut and pulled out the shotgun that hung on his back. From his belt, he took out two bullets. As he got it ready, there was a malicious growl and then a force collided into him, dropping the gun and bullets. He looked up to see the face of a jaguar. Snarling it’s claws dug into his shoulders. Shooting pain ran down his arms.

*   *   *

The growling made her stop tugging at the spear. Jasmine looked to see the hut that Ulric hid behind crumbled more, revealing the metabeast’s lashing tail. She was stunned. Did the creature really think that through? He needed her help. Turning, she grabbed the spear, it needed to be removed fast. Gun shots echoed from near the hut. There were still two steady heartbeats. Biting down on her lip, Jassie yanked the spear out. A sharp ache rippled through her leg as she tasted her own blood. Dropping it, she quickly stood, only to feel how weak her legs were, and sink to her knees.

“I need to get up,” she whispered.

This time, she leaned onto her uninjured leg and slowly stood. Her leg protested with every step forward. Taking out a sword that hung from her hip, she prepared to run.

*   *   *

Slowly reaching his arm down, he was easily able to get his pistol out from it’s holster. Aiming his arm up, he shot at the monster’s stomach. It retracted it’s claws, backing up some. With the new opening, Ulric lifted his arm and hit it on the nose with the butt of his gun. It turned away, but still didn’t release him fully. Would a bullet to the head from his pistol kill it? Holding out his arm, he took aim. But the metabeast moved to bite him. The bullet ripped through the skin on it’s muzzle. It howled in pain, this time standing on it’s hind legs. A growl emitted from it’s chest as it started to turn.

*   *   *

Unfortunately, her footing was clumsy, and her running was louder than usual. The wound on her leg slowed her down by a lot, but she could still accomplish her plan. She ran into the jungle and was going to come and stab the metabeast from behind. As soons as she was in place, she lifted her sword and charged forward. Dashing through the trees, the creature came into sight, then it turned, claws slashing down Jasmine’s arm. Dropping the blade, she fell, holding her arm. She must’ve been running slower than she thought, or it’s reflexes were faster than she thought.

Pain crawled up her arm. Looking up, she noticed Ulric quickly crawled to his gun and bullets. Stiffly, she stood. The only way Ulric could get the gun and have enough time to load it and shoot was if she kept the beast proccupied with her. She grabbed the handle of her second sword. Roaring, it lunged toward her, lifting it’s right arm. Sharp claws raked down her side and stomach. Jassie collapsed onto the ground. Her body was exhausted. The more she movedm the longer it took for her to heal. The metabeast leaned over her, opening it’s mouth and clamped down on her neck and shoulder. She screamed as agony ripped through her shoulder and throat.

A shot blared. The teeth loosened. Weight dropped on top of her. The metabeast was dead. Ulric crouched down and pushed the monster off of her, onto it’s back. He held the gun up, and fired again between the eyes.

“Not too hard,” he breathed, then reaching into his uniform pocket by the shoulder, he pulled out his comm, and put it into his ear, the orange eye sheild covering his eye and a small mic dropping near his mouth, “Yeah,” he said into it, “We killed the metabeast. Yeah,” he glanced at Jassie then said, “My partner may, depending on how fast you get here. Okay.” He took his comm off, turned to the half-vampire and said, “They’re coming to clean this up, and bringing medical assistance.”

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