I Declare Poem Day!

Well for my blog anyway.

But it won’t be today.

On Saturday.

I was inspired to make my Saturdays I day to share my poems with you all since it was the first thing I started to write as a young girl. I meant to tell you all this Saturday but my weekend was…busy. So here’s a poem for Saturday:

Who’s There
Little girl
home alone
scared to the bone
of spiders on the window sill
“Who’s there?”

Tapping on the door
scratching on the wall
just trying to stall
like they always do just before-
“Who’s there?”

Turning out the light
silver glowing in the dark
trying not to leave a mark
causing such a fright
“Who’s there?”

Bang! Bang!
Shot in the head
blood all over the bed
and the angels sang:
“Who’s there?”

Just wanted to let you know…I wrote this back in 2007 so it’s old and I wrote when I was younger.

About Ivie

I'm Ivie. An aspiring writer. A dreamer. A lover. A young woman. Just trying to find my way in the world.
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