Nightmare Chasers – Interval 9

“Where are you!?” Maya yelled into the mic of her comm as she ran down a deserted alley.

“Well,” started a male voice, “just chasing a pair of imps. These are fast little guys.”

Maya stopped, and looked around then said, “Where are you chasing them?”

“Good question. I told you to stay close.”

“Ken!” She yelled, frustrated.

If she had to hate one thing about her job, it was when she got stuck taking care of imps. They weren’t too far off from what people normally thought about them. Trouble makers, ugly, small, and annoying. What most people didn’t know was that these creatures possessed strong psychic powers which made them more dangerous than what people normally know of. Despite the danger, they came off as nothing more than annoyances, but were always taken care of fast. They really could hurt someone if they truly wanted to.

“Hey, Maya,” said Ken’s voice.

“Now what?”

“You know the whole ‘don’t-turn-into-a-werewolf’ thing you told me about earlier?”

“Yeah?” She rolled her eyes, knowing full well she explained to him that they were asked to stay out of sight, and a werewolf running around wasn’t easy to hide.

“I think they read my mind, and are trying to change me, so I just might…”

“No!” She screamed, “Don’t you dare, Ken! You know what we were told! Out of sight! No chang-” She was cut off by a deep, breath and then static.

Maya ran at full force down the alley. It happened. Now she needed to make sure no one saw him. Where could he be? Her partner never did anything out of line, but she could see why he’d do this. To scare them, and get rid of them faster. Nothing is worse than having an imp toy around in your head and memories. A high pitched shriek echoed not far off. She ran toward it. He got one down. She never meant to separate from him. The imps did what they were good at and split up. She went after one while he chased down the other two. Taking a breath, she slowed while walking down a dark street.

She fought the impulse to call out for Ken. It was probably what that little creature wanted. Something ran behind her. Turning, all she saw was the dark. How odd. Then again, imps were small, but it felt like it belonged to something tall. Slender hands gently grabbed her shoulders from behind. Chills ran down her spine as she turned and saw a tall shadowy figure standing over her. The familiarity of it shocked her so much she fell to the ground. A feeling Maya had long ago buried found it’s way to her, and seized at her heart. It was helplessness, pure terror. That figure shouldn’t be in existence.

Dark hands reached down and caressed her face and hair. Maya couldn’t believe it. There was nothing she could will herself to do. She hadn’t felt fear like that in years. A growl erupted farther down the street, and another shriek rang out. The figure stiffened, and disappeared. Walking into view was her partner, Ken, walking on all fours in his werewolf form. Blood was splattered on his muzzle. His orange eyes looked at her in understanding, and he touched his head to her cheek, his soft fur warming her. He knew the imp was responsible for the shadow, and just as a brother knows how to comfort his sister, Ken knew what she needed.

*   *   *

Ulric sat in a chair in the infirmary. Out of duty, he waited to see if Jasmine was okay, even though he already knew she was fine. By the time the clean up crew and medical assistance came, she was able to walk and stand without help, but they wanted to check her to make sure nothing healed wrong. Despite his apathy toward her well being, he knew what to do.

“Hey,” said the voice of the familiar red headed young nurse he saw before, Anna as she walked over to him, “your partner’s fine. She left already, through the doors on the other side of here,” she said, pointing to her left.

He just looked at her. Somehow, she managed to make baggy scrubs look fashionable. Puzzlement crossed her face, but she just shrugged and walked away. Finally, Ulric stood, and held out his arm.

“Wait,” he said, “uh, thanks.”

He sounded so stupid, he knew.

“No problem,” she said, not turning.

“Wait,” he said again. What was he doing? What did it matter if he talked to her or not? “I’m Ulric,” was all he said.

“Nice to meet you.” She still didn’t look back.

He wanted her to stop and turn around and talk. “I’m the one who had the wounded leg, a while back.”

“I remember,” was all she said.

This time, he ran over to her and put his hand on her shoulder, “Anna, wait.”

“Hm?” She turned, puzzlement on her face again, “Did I tell you my name that time? I don’t remember doing that.”

“I’ll tell you, if you promise to talk to me some.” That was it. He wanted to talk to her. Only because he’s never seen her before. “I’m really a nice guy.”

She smiled, “I bet you are, but I have patients bleeding to death that need my attention. I take my lunches at one thirty though.”

Without another word, she turned and walked off. Was that an invitation to meet her at lunch? There was something about that he needed to know. He wasn’t sure what, or even why he felt the need to talk to her. Being undercover so long, he hasn’t had the chance to talk to anyone he’s really wanted to. Just the same boring people going over the same boring things. Maybe he’d have to sneak off one day to talk to Anna. She seemed to be more than just a pretty face with complaints about her weight, and how much some new dress was.

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