The Adventures of Cafeteria Lady and Bookworm! – Issue # 2

Pssst! Just as a quick sidenote, earlier on I was looking through my earlier versions of this story and came across my very first draft of it, and this story is basically it with some modifications to make it less…chilidsh and full of sex jokes. Heh.

Lily sat on a bench with her best friend, and co-worker, Alma. Lunch was winding down, with six more minutes before the bell rang. Lily left after everyone got their food, to meet her friend by a bench. It’s been awhile since they just hung out somewhere, anywhere.

“When do you think there’ll be trouble?” Asked Lily.

“Oh, I don’t know. Sooner or later I suppose,” replied Alma, not really hoping for trouble at all.

“Yeah, well…I’m ready for some action!” She said, excitedly, as she leaned back on the bench.

“Don’t lean back too far or you’ll fall.”

“Wha-” She started to ask, but then fell back off of the bench.

“Told ya.”

“Stupid bench,” she mumbled, sitting up.

There was a scream not too far off. Not of terror or pain, but of laughter. They looked over to see a brunette girl smiling and running from a tall boy chasing after her.

“Just poke my scab,” he said.

“NO!” She loudly screamed in joy.

Watching, Lily said, “Darn. I was hoping he’d be trying to maul her or something.”

“He’s not a bear.”

“He’s a boy and that’s close enough,” she said, plopping herself down on the bench.

Then there was another scream. This one was in complete terror.

Alma sighed and stood up saying, “Maybe we should-”

“Quick, Alma!” Lily cut her off, “We must save that poor student!!!!”

She ripped off her shirt, only to reveal her bra.


“Hm,” she looked down, “this usually works for Superman…”

“Let’s go,” said Alma, dragging her to the back of the cafeteria.

–   –   –

Fully costumed and ready to go, the duo ran to where the screaming came from. It was the two students from earlier, but now they were being whipped around by big, orange tentacles coming from a garbage can.

“Help!” Screamed the girl.

“Don’t worry! I know what to do!” Said Cafeteria Lady quickly.

“What?” Asked BookWorm.

“We must………….sing our theme song!”

“Theme song? We didn’t have one yesterday did we?”

“I came up with it last night,” she said excitedly, “Now…Cafeteria Lady is here! To save you from the danger near! There’s nothing to fear! Cause you won’t die….uh…..without beer!”

“Just save us already!” Yelled the boy.

“Fine, fine. Don’t appreciate my skills.”

Cafeteria Lady made a fist, and punched a tentacle with all her might. There was a loud shriek, and then the tentacles retreated into the trash can one by one. The one wrapped around the girl, flew into the can still holding on to her.

“NOOO!” She screamed, “THIS IS SO UNSANITARY!!!!!”

The boy laughed and then screamed, “NOT ME TOO YOU STUPID THING!!!!!” As he was dragged into the trash as well.

“Oh, no!” Said BookWorm, “They were taken! Now what!?”

“I don’t know. Call for back up I guess.”

You guess?

“Don’t you dare start, Narrator Man.” Said Cafeteria Lady, “We’ll figure this out.”


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I'm Ivie. An aspiring writer. A dreamer. A lover. A young woman. Just trying to find my way in the world.
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