Chlorine and Cigarettes (A Poem)

It was a good idea
at the time.
Who knew it’d come to this?
it stings just like chlorine
in the eyes.
It was just a few lies.
You know well
that I love you so much.
This wasn’t meant
to hurt you like it did.
Now like me
you bare all of the scars.
It must burn
like cigarettes on skin.
Each day now
pain replaces meaning.
Inside you
it all starts to decay.
As you sleep
memories eat away
your carcass
of pride and indulgence.
Scream in the
night reaching for answers.
While I watch
you be my disater.

I feel like that’s super cruel. I actually wrote this poem forever ago (3 years ago) and I picked it up yesterday and revised it into what you just read. Believe me, it was a disaster before. I write such evil poems…on to the second one…

The Nightmare
Watching me in the dead of night
I see, I see
turmoil mingled with fright.
It feeds off my fear
just imagination running wild
trying to make the picture clear.
Blood starts to freeze
as skin starts to boil.
Nothing could put me at ease.
It’s out there and hungry,
it’s staring, it’s waiting
craving to be free.
The nightmare breaks it’s chain.
I scream, I squirm
my body and mind go insane.
Soon calm squeezes in
forcing my eyes open
so I can see the real world begin.

Another old one, I just pulled out and put on here. I don’t think I posted it on here before (or anywhere on the internet for that matter). So if it’s not great (pfft, like the other one’s any better) it’s cause I wrote when I was 15 based off an actual nightmare I had. Heh.

P.S. – In other news, I will be moving Poem Day to Sunday. It seems like a better day anyway. I think.

About Ivie

I'm Ivie. An aspiring writer. A dreamer. A lover. A young woman. Just trying to find my way in the world.
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