Nightmare Chasers – Interval 11

He watched her from the corner of the gym. Using all of her strength, Jasmine was punching at the dummy bust. Her heart was pounding harder with each punch. Whether she knew it or not, her fangs were openly showing, and she was hissing like a monster. He coolly walked over to her, without making a sound.

Standing behind her he said, “Shouldn’t you be at home?”

Obviously startled, she turned and looked up, ready to punch him, then once noticing who it was said, “Oh, Cornelius, it’s you.”

“Shouldn’t you be at home,” he repeated this time with force, and no longer as a question.

“I wasn’t tired, and needed to do something.”

“So you came all the way here?”

“Yes,” she said, with anger in her voice, “Because here, alone, I can be me, and blow off some steam, and not worry about being seen with fangs protruding from my mouth!”

Oh, great, she was having a bad night. He should’ve known when he saw her viciously punching at the dummy.

“Hit a rough spot, have we?”

“Whatever. You don’t understand.”

She turned and started walking to the exit doors of the gym. Didn’t understand? Wasn’t he assigned to help train her because he did understand? He knew what it was like to be hated, and the odd one out.

“I do under-”

“No! No, you don’t! You weren’t changed by the evil Solovin, you don’t have some of ‘his evil’ lingering inside of you, and you have no clue what it’s like to be half of something!” She angrily panted, looking right at him.

“You aren’t half of anything. We’ve talked about that before. You’re a mix of two races to be something different. And we all have evil inside of us, even humans. And I,” he paused, and looked away. Cornelius had never told this to anyone, and the only other people that knew were General Strom and Maya. But he got this far, and if it made Jasmine feel better he had to say it now, “I was Solovin’s best friend and second in command.”

Surprise showed on her face, “What?”

“For awhile, I believed in him, and liked his ideas. So I followed, and we became friends. But everything went south. He wanted vampires on his side that were perfect, and unstoppable. He looked to the Nightmare Chasers, and saw humans in perfect condition that would make his ideal vampires. But it didn’t go as planned.”

She took a breath, but then said, “Obviously,” her voice was calm and level, but he could tell she was hiding her want to know more, and honestly, he didn’t want to tell her, then she continued, “Cause then you wouldn’t be here with me.”

“Right. Well, then, why don’t you run along now and go home, because you have school tomorrow, and a lot of searching ahead of you for the evil that’s lingering in the school.”

“I guess. We don’t have much for leads, other than the girl that’s gone missing, and the paranormal club is a total waste. Can you believe they really think that the only way to kill a werewolf is silver bullets?”

Well, at least he knew she felt better now. With her little episode over, she could leave, and he could go relax.

“Yes, those poor blinded people,” he put his hands on her shoulder, “now go, before the General sees you!”

She quietly nodded, and ran off using all of her speed. He sighed. Sometimes, she was a handful, especially if she spent time with all these other humans. He could understand her anger and jealousy toward them. That was something to work on when she was done with this undercover mission.

* * *

“So,” continued Ulric as they walked off the bus, “I figure it has to be someone who sees people in this school, and follows them for awhile, and then gets em. And I researched more into this incubus thing, ones that are raised by succubus mothers are more cruel, than ones from human mothers. I think ours was raised by it’s mother.”

“Can we maybe try and find it before making conclusions about it?” She asked.

Truly, she thought it was great he became dedicated to it overnight, but he should start looking into ways it’s finding and targeting people from this school.

“Attitude!” He said loudly, then more quietly, “We don’t need any of that vampire evil showing up with all these humans around.”

She turned toward him and said while walking backward, “You have evil in you too! Everyone does, hu-” She stopped short, bumping into someone. Quickly turning, she started to apologize, but stopped, looking up at a man who was about Otto’s age, with piercing green eyes. He seemed, stern and cold. Jassie backed away.

“I’m so sorry,” Ulric said, roughly grabbing her arm, “My sister’s a real idiot sometimes.” He pulled her away, and agrily hissed, “Come on, stupid.”

As they walked away Ulric rubbed his hand on his jeans where he had to grab her arm. The half-vampire looked back once, then back at Ulric.

“Did you feel that weird vibe from him? Who is he?”

“A gym teacher, and no, no I didn’t.”

“We should look into him.”

“The others did. Other than being quiet and real into working out, he’s normal as can be.”

She looked back again and said, “If you say so…”

* * *

Solovin sat back in a chair, reading the newspaper. Human news was so exciting these days. All they needed were some orges and giants running around and it’d be great. Flipping through the pages, he heard the heartbeat of his second in command.

“Mr. Solovin,” he said quietly.

“What is it? I can tell you haven’t killed my failure yet.”

“No, you see, I’ve been making alliances, and just formed one with a very bloodthristy pack of werewolves. They love your future as much as that group of ogres does.”

Solovin put the paper down, and said, “Very well. I’d like to meet with the head of the pack. Bring him in as soon as possible.”

Carl nodded once, and turned to walk out the door, “She is excited to meet you.”


OKay, so this chapter has a lot of talking but the next one will have action. I’m a day late on my pact, so this isn’t starting well. -_- My family takes a lot out of me. Till tomorrow…

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