Nightmare Chasers – Interval 13

“You’re doing what?” Ulric said loudly as Jassie walked over to the bus that would take her home with Mariah.

She breathed a sigh and said, “I’m going over to Mariah’s house for the weekend. I’ll see you late Sunday.”

A strained smile formed on his face and he said tightly, “You have fun, little sister.” His eyes openly showed he wanted to say more. So much more, and Jassie could only guess what.

“Don’t get too lonely,” she perked up, and quickly got on the bus, and sat next to Mariah.

“Your brother looks a little heart broken. Sister complex?”

She cringed, “No. More like jealous.”

Mariah smiled and said teasingly, “That you’re with a girl.”

Jasmine put on a fake smile, “Totally.”

After a few minute bus ride, and more girl talk than Jasmine would ever like to have, the arrived at Mariah’s house. She unlocked the door and proudly walked in, then turned and said:

“We have the house to ourselves until seven, then my mother comes home. Like pizza? I was thinking of ordering some a little later.”

“Yeah, sure,” she replied, looking around the small house, mostly at the pictures of Mariah and her mother together. She felt longing tug at her heart. She could barely remember what her own mother looked like.

“Come to my room.” Mariah said, as she walked down the small hallway, then went into the second door on the right.

She followed her hostess into the room. Oddly, for someone with such a bubbly personality, the room was painted black with some red stars painted in clusters around the walls. The quilt on her bed was red with a gold dragon on it.

“A little dark, isn’t it?”

“Oh?” Mariah asked rummaging through her closet, “You striked me as someone that liked dark.”

“I didn’t think you did…” She let her voice trail off, as she looked at two posters on her wall.

One had in big letters “Razor Blade Angels” written on it with an image of a nude girl from her hips up with her long hair covering her breasts and wings sprouting from her back and a razor blade held in her mouth and cuts on her body. The other poster on the opposite wall had “Crimson Night” written on it, with a young boy and girl hugging each other and about to kiss, under the moon and she noticed the girl had fangs in her mouth  while the boy didn’t.

“Ha!” She said, as she pulled a box out from her closet and continued, “Yeah, a lot of people don’t expect that cause of the way I am, but I’m all into that. It’s just attractive to me.”

“What are these? On the posters?” She pointed to both.

“Razor Blade Angels is my favorite band. They’re like horror rock, or gothic rock. It’s real cool. I’ll lend you some CDs before you go. And that,” she pointed to the other poster, “is my favorite book, Crimson Night. It’s about this boy who’s kind of a loner, and moves to a new town and starts high school, then on Halloween night he’s on his way to a party, and he comes across this girl he’s never seen before and follows her, only to find out she’s a vampire. He visits her every night and they fall in love. It’s great!” She walked over to her small desk near the poster and looked up at the shelf on her wall and pulled out a book, “Here,” she handed it to Jasmine, “It’s the first book. It’s a series. The author has seven books planned and four are out now.”

She held the book in her hand. Personally, she wasn’t big on people’s thoughts on what vampires were like. They were usually very, very wrong. But she said, “Thanks. I’ll have to read it.”

*   *   *

Ulric sat on the couch, staring at the T.V. with his “family”. He wasn’t happy. That partner of his signs them up for extra work, and then bails on him to go hang out with her new friends. Whatever. She can do whatever, because when something comes up, he’ll do the same to her.

“I can’t believe it!” He yelled, “That stupid bloodsucker just goes off to be with her undercover so called friends! What if I get a call to go on a mission tomorrow! I can’t believe her!”

“Calm down,” said Shiaya, “There are other people in the organization that can come to your aid.”

He frowned, “Still, she signs us up, then goes off to play teenage girl. How could she?”

“She’s just keeping up apperances. You’d stand out if you didn’t hang out with students outside of school.”

He stood, still feeling anger boiling within him, then he said, “I’m going for a walk!”

He stomped out of the house, and slammed the door. Ulric just needed a relaxing walk.

*   *   *

Jassie sat on Mariah’s bed as she painted her toenails. The half vampire watched in fascination as she took out a slim brush and detailed her dark purple nails. She held a piece of pizza with sausage near her mouth. Food was great, but she didn’t need to much of it. Being half human, she needed to eat at least twice a day, and even though she wasn’t hungry like Mariah, she ate so she didn’t look too weird.

“So, I’ve got this date for you and Cole planned out.”

“Really?” Jasmine asked, taking a bite of the pizza, trying to act nonchalant about the date, “How will it go?”

“Well, you guys are going to go out to eat dinner, and then be cool and walk around the mall together that the reasturant’s near.”

“Sounds fun. What reasturant?” She could feel her nerves go crazy with fear. She didn’t want to do this, but she didn’t have a reason not to, other than the truth, which she couldn’t tell anyone.

“It’s Tom’s Diner. It’s near the mall, and people are there all the time. Especially young people. It’s cool.”

“Cool,” she mustered out of her throat.

She laid back on the bed, the two loose pigtails Mariah put her hair in rested around her face.

“Tomorrow morning, we’re going to shop for some cute dresses for you. You’d look real good in a dress.” Mariah sat up straight, and smiled wide, “All done,” she said, then she squealed and jumped on Jassie, hugging her shoulders, “My Penny’s first date! I’m so excited.”

Jasmine tried not to stiffen in Mariah’s arms. “It’ll be great,” she said quietly, not feeling anymore comforted.

*   *   *

Tammie sat in General Strom’s office. He paced not too far from her.

“Tammie, this undercover mission isn’t working. I’m going to have to pull you out soon.”

The captain of Unit Forty-Three looked at him and said, “Sir, I must refuse. With the addition of Jasmine and Ulric, I think we have a chance. Gene, Otto, and I have been doing this for a year, and we won’t give up now.”

“I know, but the fact that this creature’s been so elusive, makes me believe he knows,” Strom stated sitting at his desk, “or at least suspects something.”

“He’s been elusive. Just another few months,” Tammie paused, then looked at the General and said, “or we could let Maya into the school.”

He looked at Tammie, and rubbed his chin in thought. Because of Maya’s past experience with an incubus she was sensitive to all demons, but especially those types, and could pick them out.

Defeated, he sighed, “We knew from the start that was the best option, but one she’s usually not comfortable with. I’ll talk to her. The sooner I get you out of there, the better I’ll feel.”

Sorry for the delay guys. Everyone wants to use the computer when I go to use it. It took me all weekend to get this typed on here. But at least it’s here…right??

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  1. Yes I love the story so I’m glad you wrestled away the computer!

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