With Trends Like These, Who Needs Individualism

I wish I was getting on here telling you I’ll be putting up the new issue of Cafeteria Lady and BookWorm, but I am not. I wish I was even telling you I was doing my best at trying right now…but I am not. Instead, I want to have a chat.

I was browsing through this website called WikiHow, when I came across the category “Personality Types and Youth Styles” in the Youth section. I decided to check it out, cause mainly I’m looking at what to do with my hair. So I’m scrolling through this, and I realize, it tells you how to be everything…from punk to emo, and straight A student to a total rebel.

When I was in school, there was this trend on MySpace (cause it was the thing when I was in school), and it was to be a Scene Queen (or King). And I tell you, as much as some people hated it, some people loved it. And I came across the article How to be a Scene Kid. Now truly, if that’s what you are and what you want to be…do you really need a how to guide? Can’t you just feel it inside yourself to wear what you love, in the way you love it? I know I feel it.

But there’s everything. How to dress and act like and indie girl, how to be a surfer girl, how to be chic, how to be emo (or emo kawaii!), how to be goth, and so much more like nonconformist styles, and Japanese fashion styles, etc.

But really, there so much in all of these things, does anyone know to be them? Just because someone thinks they’re a hipster, and they don’t exactly match what a hipster is like, does that make them any less hipster? Should they care? And enough to check it out online to see how to do it like everyone else? Does it matter in the long run? We need a how to, on how to be you.

How to be Yourself

1). Look at yourself in the mirror, and tell yourself what you like to wear

2). Wear what feels right

3). Don’t label yourself

4). Don’t think about what others will say, you are who you are, and people love you for it.

5). BE YOURSELF! Labels don’t make you who you are…YOU do.

I feel like with all of these styles and trends popping out of nowhere like, geek chic (for real?), it’s showing there’s no such thing as truly being an individual or different. It’s like saying “there’s no creativity, follow us”, and that is unacceptable! People now need to make their own stuff to be truly unique, or they have to just do what feels right, and not follow a dress code for a certain trend they’re part of. Be a true nonconformist!

About Ivie

I'm Ivie. An aspiring writer. A dreamer. A lover. A young woman. Just trying to find my way in the world.
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