Not What I Bargained For

So, I tend to keep my very, very personal life out of my blog (cause ya know, it’s about writing and being a nerd), but this in a way (and I already know it’s not a fair one) frustrates me to no end. My family and I adopted a dog, but she’s technically mine since I pay for her, and walk her every morning and night, but since I have a job, my younger brother walks her during the day and is home with her during the day.

Now this dog (her name is Roxxie) is three years old and was formerly abused and neglected, but she’s housebroken, and is trained in the ways of sitting, shaking your hand, and laying down. (Learning “come” is an uphill battle for her). We all show her love in the family. We all give her attention, like all the time.

But I feel a little hurt that when my younger brother leaves to go out with his friends, she sits by the door and whimpers and whines, while when I leave to do whatever, she just patiently stares. And she’ll come sit in my room with my while I read or write, but if my brother goes into his room and closes the door, no matter what I’m doing, she sits in front of his door. If I close my door 10 times out of 10, she’s elsewhere.

And at this point, I understand that since she’s home with my younger brother, she’s more attatched to him. But the whole reason, I pushed for getting a dog was because I wanted a companion. I wanted what my brother’s got. I had a day off from work last week, and decided to take her to the park in the morning while it was cool out, and my younger brother insisted on coming, and my mom told me to let him come too, because “he loves Roxxie too”. So I did, and she never left his side. I have off of work Wednesday, so I’ll try the park, just us then.

In a way, I feel highly selfish when I tell myself that I wanted a dog, that followed me and sat with me. And I’m not saying that she doesn’t love me, but she just seems to like him so much more. I almost feel bad refering to her as my dog.

Just wanted to express that this evening.
How are you?

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I'm Ivie. An aspiring writer. A dreamer. A lover. A young woman. Just trying to find my way in the world.
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4 Responses to Not What I Bargained For

  1. Ok – that just sucks!!!!!

    I feel for you. We had 4 cats and they all loved Harold more. Every time he sat down they sat with him. Then we had 2 pass away and got another one. For the first time our new kitten liked me more!!! Woot!!! It was so exciting. : )

    I wish I had something better or wiser to say – but that sucks : (

  2. dragonflyzia says:

    I feed the dogs, I let the dogs out and I take care of all of their needs. When my daughter walks through the door, it’s mom who? It’s all about the girl in our house but she also rolls around on the ground with them and lets them lick her face….so I guess she earned it! Maybe Roxxie just wants to play?

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