The Big One Oh Oh

I’m not too sure what went down these past few hours, but within them, I managed to aqcuire 100 followers. How that happened…the world will never know. I’m not sure how many of these 100 followers are alive and out there. I have no clue to their prescence, which is creepy and a bit saddening. And saddening cause really! I’ve had people who would like my posts all the time then they just stopped! For all I know they had a heart attack. Isn’t that a sad thought? My very first follower could be in the ground right now and I just don’t know…

Anyway, moving past that. I’m grateful, thankful, and honored that 100 people are with me on this. I feel like you’ve got my back (or at least 3 of you, and that’s fine with me!).

Random thought…I wish I had a pic to post on here, like with one of the sketches I’ve been working on, but I won’t lie, it’s rough out there, in the world of the internet. I could think my sketch looks great, but then to an actual artist, they’ll say it’s terrible, and needs more work. So, I’m apprehensive about showing anything other than my writing right now. I mean, really, it took me years to actually put my writing on the net.

Speaking of writing, Nightmare Chasers will be up late in the day tomorrow (well closer to evening or night). My schedule is sorta that way now, I have rarely disrupted (I have a feeling I spelled that word wrong) time on the computer. And my original plan was to have it all ready to go tonight so I could send it off in the morning, but I’m just tired and nothing creative is running through my head…other than Shark Week related things.

I feel that’s about it. I can feel myself winding down. You ever had that feeling? Like you slowly feel the energy leave, and you realize there’s not much else for you to do other than sit? Yeah it’s coming, and I really wanna watch my sharks, and I can’t quite multitask…

About Ivie

I'm Ivie. An aspiring writer. A dreamer. A lover. A young woman. Just trying to find my way in the world.
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4 Responses to The Big One Oh Oh

  1. dragonflyzia says:

    Ivie, this is the perfect place to post your sketches. First….who really knows who you are? Art is subject to interpretation and taste, this is a safe place to take a little risk. It’s your choice of course I am just saying……:)

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