Poetry Snippets

I’ve been meaning to write poems, and all I’m coming up with are bits and pieces, not actual poems. Just lines and thoughts, so I decided to share them with you, and maybe sharing them will inspire me to finish one of these poems. Some are older poems, that I started, and hope to also finish. A bit of a warning though, some of these poems pieces deal with themes of suicide, death, and just all out angst (I wasn’t quite feeling too great those days), when I talk a little bit about the lines, I’ll give the warning then so you can skip over it if it’s not for you.

This first one was inspired from the nice, cool night I was out walking the dog.
I walk in the night
senses on high
feeling the cool wind
glide on my skin

I quite like it, and wish I could come up with more, but I think I may need another cool night…and those don’t happen much here over the summer. Maybe once September rolls around I can finish it.

I remember writing this next one when I was in high school I originally wrote with the thought of waiting for a big school test, or what’s going on the night before, but now it just seems to hit me as being a little different than that:
I sit and wait
counting my breaths.
My fingers have gone numb
and every thought is out of place.
The pit in my stomach
rapidly grows until it hurts.

It also doesn’t strike me as sounding…poetic. Maybe I should change where some of the words are placed…

WARNING! This one’s a little terrible sounding. I wrote this with the thoughts of bullies in mind. I was never really bullied, so I only wrote this in the way I think it would make a victim feel, and I haven’t gotten more than this measley piece:
Their words break the skin,
slowly killing
full of agony.

I’m wondering how I can finish this, since I don’t know how victims of bullying actually feel. I hope that’s a little close.

I’m not too sure where I was going with this one, but it’s another old one I started in high school, and I think I was trying to go with a guy who was a great guy and had a sense of adventure:
He was a good little boy.
He knew just what to say
and how to make any girl’s day.
He got good grades
and played a lot of sports
he knew all different sorts.

Sadly it never made it to his adventure part. Another one I’d change the wording for, or maybe just scrap the poem idea for it all together, and make it a short story.

WARNING! This one has some angst in it. It’s most certainly one where the narrator is searching for help, which could be a bit of positive point.
Don’t let me go
I’ll fall below
the rough waters.

I want to breathe.
Help me believe
you’re really there.

For the past two months I’ve told myself I’d finish this one, and here I am still staring at those few lines wondering where I’ll take this one. It can either end in a positive manner or take a very dark turn.

Okay, so this sounds a little embarressing, but I wrote this when I was going through this whole “nature is awesome!” stage in my life, and I’m not saying nature’s not awesome, it is, but I was kind of overdid it in my writing, and I think I can turn this into an odd tidbit, and make it a real great, happy poem.
The wind softly whispered
to the clear blue sky
songs from the wildflowers
and the butterflies delighted giggles

I feel like that’s waaaay too many syllables for that last line, I’ll have to break it up a bit.

WARNING! Honestly, I saved the worst for last, and this one deal with suicide. It’s a touchy subject for everyone, but I did have a story for this. Where it’s supposed to be about a girl who drowns herself in hopes of escaping her life, by turning into a mermaid to live a better one. In a way I feel that right now it was a dumb idea for a poem, but in a way I hope something happens to save this sinking ship.
She took a breath,
her last of air.

And that’s all I’ve got for this. It’s a puny thing, but right now I can’t think of more for it. Maybe if I don’t think about it at all something will come.

Anyway, that’s the end of that. I hope that after sharing some of these snippets with you, I can at least accomplish finishing one of these at some point in my life before I get old.

About Ivie

I'm Ivie. An aspiring writer. A dreamer. A lover. A young woman. Just trying to find my way in the world.
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4 Responses to Poetry Snippets

  1. dragonflyzia says:

    It may be too many syllables but I want to know what butterflies delighted giggles sounds like….just sayin’.

  2. I really like the flow of this one….
    I walk in the night
    senses on high
    feeling the cool wind
    glide on my skin

    and this one just sounds neat! I’m ready to read the story!
    He was a good little boy.
    He knew just what to say
    and how to make any girl’s day.
    He got good grades
    and played a lot of sports
    he knew all different sorts.

    When I was a little kid my parent had Rupert Bear books for me to read. The whole book was a peem – 2 lines with a pictures. Looking back it totally influenced my feeling of rhythm and rhyme. The above lines have the same feeling to me. Like it could make a story and neat pictures.

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