Oh, For The Love Of…George!

I’ve always wondered why the phrase was, “For the love of Pete” or “For Pete’s sake”. Who was this Pete? Why him? Why did his name catch on? All I know was that this Pete must of been real annoying. And why is it “By George”? Who was George, and why was it by him? How about next time, “By Carl, it works!” Well…that doesn’t sound as…smooth as “by George” I suppose. Anyway. Just some thoughts.

I’ve been working. I fret over money, and I wake up to a 17 hour work week, followed by one that wasn’t so crowded, but turned crowded after I got called in every evening this week. And next week, I’ll be working even more! I think, I should’ve done this sooner…but in actuality, it’s probably just because the holidays are fast approaching, and just as in any retail business, people are coming in, doing their shopping. And just in time I suppose. We’re having a local comic convention here, and I already know where all the money I’m making is going (realistically not all of it though…I was just exaggerating there).

With all this work, everything’s moving by fast. I woke up this morning and said, “Crap, it’s Thursday already.” then looked at my calendar and said, “Crap, we’re already a week into October.” And I only say that cause tis the season for Halloween horror mazes and such, and I haven’t done any yet. Hopefully I’ll get a Friday or a Saturday night off. But if that doesn’t pan out, oh well, more money to spend at the upcoming comic-con (can you tell how excited I am for this, or what?).

Tomorrow I’ll be having a book review done. My first ever on here. I’ll either review this neat children’s book I stumbled upon (and by that I mean, the little girl I babysit sometimes thrust it in front of me while we were at the library and asked to get it) or a comic book I read (I feel like not many of my readers are all, yay comics, but it’s what I read and you may like it…maybe, perhaps). As for my story, hopefully it’ll be up next week. I’m terrible at scheduling my time, and I can be so much better.

Stay here while I start getting organized.

About Ivie

I'm Ivie. An aspiring writer. A dreamer. A lover. A young woman. Just trying to find my way in the world.
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