Secret Marvel Project With The Mandarin


Today as I was frolicing through the internets, I happened to come across this story here on

Interesting, right!

But to be honest, I’m a little conflicted. First, I’ll let you know what he said in case you don’t want to click the link…Mr. Kingsley tells us that there’s going to be a secret Marvel project going on with him in it (a Marvel One Shot), along with a lot of the Iron Man 3 crew there. The article then states that they believe it means the real Mandarin heard about this, and is angry with Killian and Trevor Slattery for basically making fun of him.


But in a way, I feel conflicted. Now I’m not sure if this is actually what will go down, I mean, Kingsley’s character Trevor could somehow manage to actually become the Mandarin for all we know right now. Or their really is a bad guy named the Mandarin out there, and he’s going to come step in and show us all what he’s really made of.

Here’s where the conflict comes in. Let’s say the REAL Mandarin does come along. Isn’t that just a way of letting the fans walk all over them? A lot of people complained about this, and even though I found the twist entertaining and hilarious, I sat through those credits hoping some glimmer of the original Mandarin would come up. And here it is…BUT the fact that it’s happening so late just makes me think Marvel saw the mistake they made and decided, “Hey, lets fix this to get back in their good graces.” If this was really the plan from the get-go, I’m sure they would’ve hinted at something after the credits.

I have two theories of what should happen…if the real Mandarin shows up, I’d want it to be that he finds out what happened to him, and decides that he needs to bring honor back to his name, and after finding out that Killian’s already dead, decides to go after Trevor, and when he’s dead (or hurt), Tony hears, and becomes Iron Man once more (unless Age of Ultron will do this), and he plans to get this guy.

Now if this turns into Trevor actually becomes the Mandarin, I’d like it to be that he finds out the rings he wore as props actually have powers and angry at Iron Man for making him seem like a fool, and getting him arrested, he goes after him (actually, now as I type that, I don’t like the way it sounds…)

How about you? How do you feel about this new Marvel One Shot? What do you want to happen? Let me know below!

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