VA Comicon Outcome!

Yeah, I’m alerting you all to the fact that Virginia is in my neighborhood. So, yes, I’m based in the east coast…right now. And yes, I know today is Poem Day, but…I just got back from this Comicon, and I gotta tell you what went down.

A lot of spending. Tons of spending. And a lot of nerd talk and costumes. And yes, you will see a lot of my pics! But sadly, you can’t see the ones with me in them because of my own privacy policy with myself – you can never see my full face and/or body. (I just changed it to body cause I’d hate for you to live in my neighborhood and recgonize me cause of my body type and hair all put together…or something crazy like that).

I don’t know whether to start with pics or the things I bought or the people I met or if I should break it up into different posts. Where to begin…

Cool Things I Bought
Being the huge anime and manga fan I am, when I saw half off manga, I dove in and came out with Tropic of the Sea by the late (and, yes grate) Satoshi Kon (I love his movies Paprika and Millennium Actress – watch them, watch them now!).

I also bought…Bane #1 from DC Comics as part of The New 52. It’s a holographic cover…it’s quite cool, and I do like Bane. I’m not sure how new it is, but I may enjoy it…a lot. I can find pics or anything for this comic issue…*sad face*. Maybe next time. Boo!

The first thing I bought though was The Creeper: Welcome to Creepsville. I actually first stumbled upon this character by watching an episode of Batman The Brave and the Bold with my younger brother, and I’ve liked him ever since. So I can’t wait to read this.

Speaking of Batman The Brave and the Bold, I got the Showcase Presents Batman Team-Ups The Brave and the Bold Volume 1. Gosh, that felt like a lot to type (and silently say to myself as I typed). A lot of the stories in here are from the late 60s which is cool. And different, and I’m sure I’ll like it!

As for other stuff, a lot of it is indepently published comics, and drawings from local artists. A lot of the comics, I’ll have to read and review on here though, and I don’t want to spoil it for you. So…you’ll see those coming along soon enough!

I don’t know if you know, but my favorite alien species is the Predator, like ya know, from the movie, and I happened across this cutie here…
I couldn’t afford him, so I just took his picture, and I’ll pretend he’s with me.

People I Met
I met tons of great local artists and writers and publishers, and I loved them all, and if I could name them all, I would, but you’ll see a bunch for the stuff I bought, and I’m sure I’ll bring up some of the people I met in later posts. Like Katie Dillon who draws such marvelous things. I hope to see her soon, and get more artwork from her! I met the Joker and Harley, which was fun, and I got to meet and take a picture with Yaya Han! It was great, and she was so nice. I also met Rob Liefeld and he signed my X-Force #1 comic, and I watched him sign a guy’s leg cause his Deadpool tattoo was there. It was great!

Oh! Here it's happening now!

Oh! Here it’s happening now!

Pictures I Took
Here are just a few people I took pictures of…and sometimes the light was a little uncooperative, but I’m no proffesional…sadly.

It's the Joker and Harley!

It’s the Joker and Harley!

A Power Ranger...of some sort! I don't know much about them, but I needed this pic!

A Power Ranger…of some sort! I don’t know much about them, but I needed this pic!

It's Wolvie!

It’s Wolvie!

The Green Goblin!

The Green Goblin!

Alice from Alice in Wonderland. Didn't she do it nicely?

Alice from Alice in Wonderland. Didn’t she do it nicely?

Well, that’s all for now. I’ll be back with more pics later on, and reviews of all the wonderful stuff I bought. But for now, I must run off to sleep! Good night!

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I'm Ivie. An aspiring writer. A dreamer. A lover. A young woman. Just trying to find my way in the world.
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2 Responses to VA Comicon Outcome!

  1. dragonflyzia says:

    Looks like a lot of fun! My daughter would love to go to one of these, I’ll have to show her this post. I am happy that you were able to spend some of your hard earned money on some things that make you happy. 🙂

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