It’s All So Close

So you guys, Thanksgiving is about a day and a half away (by my way of seeing it). And my family leaves to see my grandparents early Thursday morning, and I have gotten off of work. I got a call from my manager a few days ago, telling me he had to cut my hours, lo and behold, he took me off the schedule for Monday, tonight, and Black Friday…I’m only working on Saturday night this week. Of course…when I need the hours the most, I’m dropped. Boo! But on the bright side of this dismal situation here, I can relax at home for 2 days in a row! Alright! *fist pump* Haha, that was embaressing.

I was going to get a Wii U on Black Friday, but today I had to put gas in the car I drive, which is only $25 roughly, then I had to get my dog her flea and tick stuff which was in the $40 range (Roxxie will make me broke lol), and then finally I had to give my mom my part of the insurance money, and we don’t need to know how much that was, but I don’t think this Wii U is happening cause well…I had to pay for those other things. So this may need to wait till…Cyber Monday!!!! (Seriously though, much later). Where is my hero when I need him!?!?!?! (Though this is okay since I don’t really get to play games the way I want to. And with December coming, and working in retail if I’m not scheduled a lot, I’m bound to get called in a lot once December 1st rolls around, so more busy-ness.)

Found him!

Found him!

Oh yeah, I’ll be putting up some more comicon pics throughout this post.

Anyway, I was gonna write a Thanksgiving poem, but I got nothing. Though I have all Thanksgiving day to think about it! Maybe I should read something Thanksgiving related for inspiration…how many people will even be on their computer for Thanksgiving? Oh wait…the ones that’ll buy stuff online on Black Friday…well….Black Thursday Night? Maybe if should be called Brown Thursday Night…since turkeys are brown…ya know. Anyone?

I have these two new story ideas. One will be a short story though, and the other will be a story. Haha. One will be about love and romance. (Showing off my girly fluff side…as can be seen in a lot of my fanfiction one-shots. Lets steer clear of those!) I’m thinking it’ll be ready for Valentine’s Day…or I’ll break it up and post it in parts, leading up to the romantic, emotional end on Valentine’s Day! Yeah, that might happen. And the other one will be this sci-fi-ish epic, with computer worlds and bad guys and action and stuff!

And no vampires, unlike Blade over here.

And no vampires, unlike Blade over here.

I wasn’t sure how to work that pic in…so I tried that. Nor this one which is what I like to call…Bunch o’ Blades! Haha, I’m sure the guys who posed for that would kill me if they saw I called them that. But it was a pretty epic shot…

So awesome

So awesome

And that’s all until Thanksgiving. So…see you all soon! Be here or be…I’ll figure that last word out later.

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I'm Ivie. An aspiring writer. A dreamer. A lover. A young woman. Just trying to find my way in the world.
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4 Responses to It’s All So Close

  1. dragonflyzia says:

    I can’t wait for the stories! Sorry about the WiiU, maybe by Christmas you will be able to afford it. Good luck! Happy Thanksgiving!

  2. gynjii says:

    You have got to be the ONLY person I know that is bummed that they are not working on Black Friday, haha! ^_^

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