Book Review – The Island of Dr. Moreau by H.G. Wells

It’s book review time, guys! Now, lets all get into a circle, and Ivie will explain how this will all go down since it’s my first review…

The first thing I’ll do, is give a brief synopsis and talk about the book, and then I’ll break it down, and actually get to reviewing it. The topics I’ll be focusing on for the review is…plot (how was the story itself, did it make sense, answer any questions), characters (were they well-rounded, real, did I feel anything for them), creativity (what made it unique, memorable), and delivery (how well it was written, what really sucks you in). So…here we go!

The Island of Dr. Moreau recounts the experience of Edward Prendick, the unfortunate man to be stuck in the middle of this terror. Edward Prendick was on a ship that sunk, and was rescued by the man, Montgomery and his strange attendant. The ship they were on took Montgomery to his mysterious island, but sadly kicked Prendick off with him, leaving him stranded on the island. With no other option, Montgomery welcomes him to the island. The people are strange, and the compound he stays in is often filled with pain filled howls. Soon, he recgonizes the name of “Moreau” as a doctor who was known for conducting gruesome experiments in England. He accidentally comes into a room in the middle of an experiment, and frightened, runs off into the wilderness where he finds out these “people” are, in fact, Moreau’s very own experimented animals.

A man is stranded on a strange island full of stranger creatures, with an even stranger man…it was great. H.G. Wells did a good job making sure everything was covered (even though it was written through the first person eyes of Prendick). The action was horrifying, the suspense was painful, and Moreau’s twisted desires were scary. Any questions you could have about the Beast Folk (the experimented animals) was answered and known, and their ends were solid and secure. 5 out of 5!

I truly did feel a connection to Prendick. His fear, his curiosity, and his burning desire to get off the island. As for Moreau, he certainly will stay with me as an image of fear. Just the way he ruled over, and treated his experiments made me afraid of what other terrible things he could do. Montgomery, I feel, we didn’t learn much about because he wasn’t always there, and what we did know was that he was a drinker and he was more comfortable with the Beast Folk then with actual humans. In my mind, he came off as something of a weak follower of Moreau than his own self. Now, the Beast Folk…for them we get a vague sense of what they do, and how they behave. We see some of it in action, but I yearned to get an in depth look at how they acted. There are only glimpses, and I feel like we could’ve gained so much more insight…then again it’s a story about Prendick’s experience not all about the Beast Folk. 3 1/2 out of 5!

The mad scientist theme is one that’s been used and beaten into people in all forms of media for the longest time, but when H.G. Wells wrote this, it was a fairly new concept. Not only that, it shocked it’s readers, and today it’s still a shocking concept. Moreau was attempting to make a perfect race of beings, and even though it’s happened before in fiction, it hasn’t been in this manner. The Law itself that was created to keep the Beast Folk in line is unique. The fact that if they don’t keep the Law in mind, they’ll start to revert back to full animal form is unique. I haven’t come across much of that (then again, I haven’t read everything). 4 1/2 out of 5!

With the first person narrative, you get to see Prendick’s faults…but that doesn’t make it any less memorable. Just the concept of, using animals as an attempt to create a perfect race will stay with you. This book is scary, and not in the horror-slasher-flick scary, just in the “what if” or “it could happen” scary. The very fact that someone thought they could be God, and mess with things that shouldn’t be touched leaves you feeling eerie and uncomfortable. This books lingers on your mind, and you won’t easily forget Moreau or his strange island of creations. 5 out of 5!

The Final Say!
This book was nothing short of great. You can easily overlook it’s minor faults, and definently enjoy something from the early times of science fiction. I would highly reccomend you give this book a try.

4 out of 5

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