Fanfiction – Sometimes You Just Need To Say No

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Lately, I’ve been starting to get into the wonderful world of fanfiction. I’ve always had friends who write and read fanfiction, and they’d ask me ask me to read their stuff, and I did. It was great and all, don’t get me wrong, I even just started writing my own and reading more, but there’s some fanfiction scenarios that people should refuse to read and or write. The big first thing I want to cover is couples. I’m all for writing fanfics and shipping couples canon or not, but some you just need to stay away from (for me personally).

I’ll give you a few examples (general and specific) that stand out most to me. Starting with:

1. Yaoi/yuri (gay/lesbian)best friend turned lovers couples – I have nothing against yaoi and yuri, I even like some stories and pairings like that (except for a few choice people), but when they’re best friends, it’s not right. I don’t like to envision two best friends wanting to do each other. If you’ve read the Harry Potter books (or watched the movies) you know that Harry’s best friend is Ron Weasley. And that’s how I like them…BEST FRIENDS. There was an anime I got super into a few years ago called Saiyuki which was about four guys, two are best friends while the other two are very close and probably could be called best friends. One best friend pair is Gojyo and Hakkai, and I managed to come across a gold mine of Gojyo/Hakkai slash stories. Not what I was feeling. For a female pair, try imagining Mia and Lily from The Princess Diaries getting it on. Personally I feel that making best friends lovers takes away the bond two people share when being best friends.

2. Older/younger smut stories – Much older man/woman falling for much younger girl/guy especially an underage girl/guy, I can work with it. What I can’t work with is when that pairing turns sexual. For an example, Naruto has always had people pairing off couples, but one couple I noticed was the Kakashi/Sakura couple. A nice little student teacher shipping that’s been quite popular with a few fans. Fine. Honestly, I kinda of like them too (for my own reasons of course) what I don’t like is when the story I’m reading becomes a sex filled frenzy between an older teacher and his underage student. Granted some people specify if Sakura’s an adult, but most don’t and I have to assume she regular aged.

3. Incestuous couples – Oh, yes. This needs to happen. Right here, right now. Incest is a big no-no, and even bigger no-no is turning an unincestuous relationship into one. I know there’s some canon incest couples, but when you take a totally innocent pair of family members and make them want each other, it is disturbing. Nobody wants to watch a show that features a brother and a sister who on the tube are not romantically involved but in some fankid’s story they’re doing it every night. Can you ever watch that show the same way again? I think not.

Outside of couples there’s only a few things I feel that shouldn’t be tolerated in fanfiction. One being…making someone a rapist/pedophile/all around creeper. Granted, we read stories/watch movies and television shows with taboo themes almost all of the time BUT when you go and turn a character into something their not, there is a problem. Sometimes when you watch or read something you feel something for the characters, whether it be fondness, hate, jealousy, sympathy…but you feel for them in some way. How would you like to have an established thought and feeling about someone, then read something that just screws it all over? You don’t like it at all. Just as a made up example: in the Teen Titans comics Deathstroke (aka Slade from the Teen Titans cartoons) is in a sexual relationship with an underage Terra (for real, totally canon). That’s fine. Part of his character. He can tap that all he wants. Start made up example here: Now if you take, oh lets say, Superman and decide you don’t like him with Lois Lane, in fact you want Superman to like an underage Batgirl, not just that though…you’re gonna make him rape her cause you know what, it’s one-sided, but Superman wants some! (…I feel a tad ashamed of myself for being able to think that). See, we don’t want that, cause we know that isn’t Superman!

One last fanfiction point that just tells you to say no is making an original character that not only dominates your story to death, but makes everyone else look not so cool when in a group. I’m a big Marvel fan, and enjoy Marvel fanfics. I really like when people make up their own superhero and stick them in the Marvel Universe (or any other comic universe really). This story is about your character, I get it. If you’re going to put them in a group or partner them with someone, please don’t make EVERYthing happen to them. Don’t make them the strongest person in that universe who can almost die, but never die, and please, pretty please don’t make the character irresistible. It’s your story I know, but what makes a good story is weakness, imperfection, conflicts (inside and outside of the partnership/group) and most of all balance. Your character is the main person, so things will happen to them, but when you put them in a group it’s not all about that one person anymore. It’s about all of them now, whether you created them yourself or you’re borrowing them from their respective comicverse.

Okay, so that’s the end of my spiel about fanfiction. What about you? Are their any lines you draw? Do you just love it all?

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2 Responses to Fanfiction – Sometimes You Just Need To Say No

  1. I don’t like fan fiction because I get really into characters and if someone writes something objectionable about characters, I can’t unread it. It will be stuck in my brain and will affect the way that I feel about that character from now on. I’m sure that there’s some good fan-fic out there, but I’m not willing to chance it.

    • Ivie says:

      I understand your reasoning there. I’ve read some bad ones about characters I’ve liked and I then I can do nothing but think differently of that person.

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