My Top Ten Anime Couples

Yes, another recycled post from my other blog! Look! I’m basically going green on the internet! πŸ˜€ Yeah?

Oh yes, we all love couples now don’t we? Instead of pictures, I made a YouTube video of my Top Ten anime couples, and will let you see it on here, but in this post I will give you reasons as to why I like each couple since a YouTube slide show doesn’t cut it. The vid first then.

Now lets start!

10. George and Yukari from Paradise Kiss: Okay, so yes I know how it ended. But that doesn’t matter, they were a couple, and even though it may not have been true love, they had deep feelings for each other (or that’s how I see it). My way of them showing their love, Yukari gave him her virginity. Doesn’t that say anything? And George not only gave her the little butterfly ring, he left her with all of the clothes he made when he left.

9. Haji and Saya from Blood Plus: Once again, not too much of a stellar ending for the pair, but I can’t help but find them cute together. And you just knew Haji loved her. He was always protecting her, and she came to love him. (I’m trying so hard not to give anything away…so I can’t say much more else. Sorry…)

8. Spike and Julia from Cowboy Bebop: I seem to enjoy sad, horrible ending couples. Sorry. Sorry. For these two, even though you don’t see much of Julia other than flashbacks, they’re in love. They worked together, worried for each other, and Julia helped Spike when he needed it. Now I’ll be honest, it’s been awhile since I saw this series, and I don’t remember it episode for episode, but I could never forget….wait…..SPOILER ALERT! I gotta do it. Sorry…don’t read it if you haven’t seen the full anime. I could never forget what Spike’s face looked like after Julia was shot. The sadness was true love. And he ran toward her and held her as she died, it was so sad.

7. Shuji and Chise from Saikano: The one thing that put this couple on my list was how much Shuji loved Chise. He loved her even when was turning into a destructive weapon and losing all of her humanity. That is most certainly true love. But unfortunately, it is another doomed ending for the couple….yep.

6. Sokka and Yue from Avatar The Last Airbender: Don’t yell at me…I know. It’s not technically an anime, and yes it’s another sad ended couple. I get it. But still! I love this couple to death! (Boo Sokka and Suki). I like to think of Yue as Sokka’s first love. And by the few times they kissed in the two episodes, you could tell she loved him just as much despite the fact she was going to marry another guy and then that other incident, but even as a spirit she loved him. And he still cared for her as a spirit.

5. Kenshin and Kaoru from Rurouni Kenshin: No matter which ending you liked best, we just knew the two were made for each other. And even though yes it’s not a romance anime, it showed parts of affection, though from what I remember…they never kissed. But had a son. Anyway, They are my fifth, and proud, and don’t say doomed. Cause they weren’t in one version.

4. Renton and Eureka from Eureka Seven: We all knew Renton was in love with Eureka from the start, but it took her a few seasons to share his feelings. I really can’t touch on the point of their love without giving away the ending, but I’ll say Renton stuck with her the whole time she was turning green and weird, and nothing stopped him.

3. Tomoya and Nagisa from Clannad: I’ll be honest with you, I have yet to watch all of After Story, but I love this couple to death. They are always so cute with each other, and I love the care and affection Tomoya shows Nagisa, and I loved the beginning where he was nice to her, and started the club with her and all that. I even hated when Tomoya showed some love towards all those other girls. I would sit there and be like “no one is gonna kill Tomoya and Nagisa’s love, and push Nagisa out of the picture”. And I knew it. πŸ™‚

2. Mamoru and Usagi from Sailor Moon: They were made for each other. They are Queen Serenity and Prince Endyimon. I mean sure they broke up, but they were always drawn to each other. And I loved Tuxedo Mask coming out and saving Sailor Moon at the last minute with a line like “Sailor Moon! Never give up!” Or something like that. They are probably one of the most well known anime couples, and I just can’t help but adore their love and devotion. Especially the drawings of them in the manga. So prettyful!

1. Akito and Sana from Kodocha: Ah yes, my all time favorite couple, the one that grew up together, hated each other, then loved each other. That’s why I love them so much. And they pushed through, and kept encourging one another and supporting each other, and they always stayed together, and opened up to each other. They are just amazing together, and I love them for it.

So tell me. Who are your favorite anime couples? Any on here you like or dislike? Leave a comment letting me know about your favorite anime couples. I’d love hear πŸ™‚


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  1. Marie says:

    Why are Tomoya and Nagisa only #3?!

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