Deception is a Snake (A Poem)

This is a poem from my creative writing class in high school. We needed to use an animal to describe a trait, or feeling, or action…and this is what I came up with. Maybe I should change the title…

Deception is a snake
hiding in the coners.
Slinking around just out of view
it coils around you,
choking you with lies.
When found out,
it bites hard with poison
leaving a burning wound.

About Ivie

I'm Ivie. An aspiring writer. A dreamer. A lover. A young woman. Just trying to find my way in the world.
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3 Responses to Deception is a Snake (A Poem)

  1. xxavierx says:

    … and a snake is a ‘serpent’, derived from ‘ser’ (a form of ‘to be’) and ‘pent’ (meaning 5 sides – think ‘pentagram’).

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