The Rough, Rough, Rough Draft

So, earlier, I thought of something (well, it’s based off a nightmare I had a few nights ago) I wanted to write, but I wasn’t exactly in front of paper or had a pen, so I formed it in my head, and will write it here. Off the top of my head. You don’t have to go and hurt my feelings by pointing out every little detail that’s wrong, but totally feel free to correct something you see…as long as it’s a big thing. Yes….here we go:

The lights are coming toward me. Each second they’re getting faster. I need to move, but I can’t. My legs are useless; I can’t even feel them. Tears prick at the back of my eyes. This is it. This is how it will all end. As it gets closer, I can tell it’s a truck speeding toward me. I let out a whimper and cover my face with my hands. I can’t watch it any longer. The horn blares, and I brace for impact. Strong wind blows past me, as the horn screams again. I open my eyes, and look back as the truck drives away. Relief floods my body. I made it…but then panic overtakes me once more as I realize I still can’t stand. I try to lift myself with my upper body, but nothing will budge. Scared, I feel around in the dark under my. My legs are still there, but I still can’t feel them.

A strong force pushes me and I roughly land on my side. Pain seers through my forehead as it hits the hard ground. I cry out and gingerly touch my head where the pain’s source is. It’s gooey, and warm. Am I bleeding? I must be. What was that? I open my eyes, and look around. All I can see is black. Why? Where am I? Should I try and move again? I sit up, but that’s all my body allows me to do. Hands grab at my hair from behind. Two hands squeeze my shoulders hard enough to bruise. I start to scream, but then they push me down.

Instead of hitting something hard, my body falls into water. Where am I now. I can’t breath. Terrified, I start thrashing my arms around, trying to find the top of the water. I keep my mouth closed, despite the fact my lungs are aching for air. Again I will die. I know it, feel it deep within me. My arms are growing tired…but I don’t want to drown. Slower I keep lifting them up. Finally my fingertips reach dry air. Empowered, I paddle to the surface, and as soon as my face breaks the water, I take a deep breath and choke. Something long wraps around my waist, and pulls me back down.

“No!” I cry, and start to swim up with my arms.

Two more tentacle-like things reach my arms and pull them down to my side. I take a deep breath as I feel myself do down. Using every bit of strength I have I lift my arms up, but whatever is holding them, pulls back. Down I go into the cold water. Eyes closed, fear running through my body, I still try to fight. What can I do? My body is getting weaker every second. The tendrils now wrap around my throat, closing it. In agony my mouth opens to scream…

I’m in hysterics as I shoot up in bed. The blankets are wrapped around me, and I drenched in sweat. My breathing is heavy, and instantly I feel ashamed for yelling so loud at nothing. Terror is still crawling up my spine as I look around in the dark. All that matters is that I’m back in my bedroom. Safe.

Would now be a good time to say I’m terrible with writing in first person and in present tense. God, I hope this is okay. Then again, I’ll go through and edit it…soon. Tell me your thoughts. Yes.

About Ivie

I'm Ivie. An aspiring writer. A dreamer. A lover. A young woman. Just trying to find my way in the world.
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2 Responses to The Rough, Rough, Rough Draft

  1. dragonflyzia says:

    That was a hell of a dream!!

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