I really don’t like this new posting thing on here, so I keep switching to classic. How old fashioned of me, right? I was recently (and by recently I mean about half an hour ago), messaging a friend who said he refers to himself as being old, because even though he’s in his 30s, he likes to do things the old fashioned way.

Then I told him that if he thinks like that, then I’m old because I prefer to give and receive hand written letters as opposed to a text or an e-mail. He then told me,  and I quote, “Sad to say, that does make you old fashioned.” I’m trying to find out what makes it sad. I also prefer actually talking to someone face to face as opposed to texting, so I can take in all of their emotions, even the unspoken ones. There’s an intimacy to these things that people soon won’t experience, ever.

Changes…and I feel like there are so many happening now. I feel my age group is going through this crazy, inbetween stage. We’re not necessarily old, so we can keep up with the things going on, but we’re not real young, and we know how things were. We caught the tail end of the old days, and we’re just in time for the new age.

I can easily say, I remember VCRs and cassette tapes and phones with chords, but I can also just as easily say that I truly enjoy Blu-Ray quality, and smart phones.

All of this technology is great, and helps us to communicate with people we don’t see on a daily basis, but I truly believe this same technology will drag us down. It keeps us separated from others, and sucks our time away. Technology is a black hole it seems. Ultimately, this was an idea for a book I was writing (and honestly, still partially am writing), that at some point in the future, technology became so much, that it was destroyed, and everything was brought back to a simple, yet sadly awful time. It’s awful for other reasons though, not because technology’s old again. You’ll see.

But changes………and I’m still waiting for these hover cars and lethal laser guns.

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Let’s Try This Again…

I get it.

I’m an awful, terrible blogger.

I understand.

I originally started this blog to promote my writing beyond FictionPress and beyond FanFiction. I created a Tumblr – which is so unused and dusty I won’t even put a link up. I even made a Facebook page to help promote all this. But things happened. Cause things always happen. I took on more work, my laptop died, it became a pain to get on the home computer, I met half of my Facebook friends and became nervous to link anything to my timeline…as silly as that sounds it’s true. After I met them, I really didn’t want them to read what I wrote, but…….seemingly, none of them read my timeline updates with links in them, so I can start putting links up. I’m sure no one will look – or I’ll just start telling myself that to get it out there.

I’m going to do this all over again, and be better at posting and updating, and just writing in general. I’m just right now, thinking of how to do this. Like….should I use this blog to post an online serial novel, or should I just update on my writing, and post nerdy things every once in a while and keep my writing that I want public on Fictionpress and leave a link everytime a new chapter is up. These are real things I’m thinking of. I do have a few ideas for posts, some that include me doing some research and looking into things, and talking to others.

But I’m thinking so far….if I ever write a FanFiction, I’ll put it on the website, then post a link to it here. I’ll start to use Tumblr for poems with pictures I take, and everything else is up in the air.

Will I be posting while I’m still making decisions on things?
Of course! Hopefully better than before. My plan is to get some lists done on here among other things. Maybe a book review or two, whatever. I’ll figure it out as I go.

Will I ever go back to writing Nightmare Chasers?
That is also up in the air. These days I’m not as happy with it, no matter how many times I reread it and attempt to edit it. It just makes me frustrated. I love my characters, but I need to go back through and work it out in my head. At some point, maybe. Hopefully. I have a lot of ideas for it.

How about Cafeteria Lady?
Honestly, if I ever do write this again, or rewrite it, or whatever, I’d like it to be a comic, or I’d just write short stories on here as a gag type thing. I can’t remember if I did, but either way, I will post the original first chapter I wrote back when I was 15. It was hilarious to 15 year old me and friends, and we’ll see if it still has some funny stuff later on to older me and audience.

What am I actually going to post on here?
Well, since I am a nerd, nerdy things. Or course. Top ten lists, since you know I love those things. Reviews. Updates. Whatever I want, it’s my blog. But I’ll probably stick to the nerd things. Until I figure out serial novel or not. We’ll see.

Alright boys and girls…I’m off!
Until next time! (Certainly sooner than a month!)

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Love The Monster (A Poem)

Originally I wrote this as song lyrics for a friend but he never used them, so I changed them some to make it a poem. Yay!


Love The Monster
Danger prone relationship
Unnatural attraction
Crazy fatal obsession
Painful needed self-control

Met each other so normally,
Accidentally fell in love,
Then you found out so horribly…

You’re in love with a monster!
Please don’t shy away like that!
I swear I’m only in love!

I know you’re only human,
I’ll try hard to be gentle
I know you’re body’s fragile.
But I might just loose control…

I know how far you can go.
You know I won’t force you.
You know that I like you too
Pain would be unwelcomed here

You loved me once
You’ll love me again
I have hurt you
But these wounds will mend
I want you bad
So selfish at heart
I need you now
We will never part

Give me your hand, please don’t go
Promise you belong to me
Open your eyes and you’ll see
That we’re perfect together

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Bad Blogger, Bad!

I’m positive I’m a bad blogger. I have an issue with getting on the computer and just…..blogging. I’ll even say I’m a bad writer because I fail to sit down and stay focused on what I’m writing.


Here’s to change! I am going to start getting this down pat and regular. I mean, I gotta. I’ll use force on myself if I must! Yes.

I’ll start with posting poems on every Sunday and uhm….posting short stories. Don’t rush me, I’m still making it work.

Stay hopeful, kiddies!

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Writer’s Block…

It’ll so kill ya.

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Whompage Time!

If you’re like me than when you read that title, you saw this guy:

My friend’s new thing is to say “whompage” when she forgets something or when she (or someone else) does something mildly dumb. All I do is think of Mario, and have a huge want to play some Super Mario 64. Now, who remembers that???

On to the other stuff. This is my update. Of whompage-ness. I meant to write this a few days ago, but that didn’t happen. Here we go:

I’m doing a lot of reading this summer. My Summer Reading List is somewhere on Facebook….somewhere. I’m going to do this whole less TV more everything else thing. Where I don’t watch a lot of TV, but focus on other pursuits. I waste too much time in front of the tube as it is.

As for writing. Here we go. I’m writing bunches of poems a day. I swear it. On my honor. Blah blah blah. All that honesty stuff. As for stories, I’m working on a few I haven’t told anyone about. I’m also working on some awesome Fanfictions for my account on Mostly one-shots full of fluff and romance, and also trying to get back to my Paper Mario one. Cause….I love Paper Mario. Like my favorite video game. 🙂 What else? I’m working on some stories for my Fictionpress too. Mainly focusing on Friends Don’t Kiss which is a romance….a taboo romance. The girl is 17 but ends up liking a guy in his 40s. Some people enjoy a little bit of taboo in their lives, okay!? The other one that I’m slowly doing research for (yeah right!) is called Eve’s Forbidden Fruit. It’s a lesbian romance that takes place during slavery in America. Maybe one day, I’ll write something normal. I’m also very slowly editing and carving a path for Nightmare Chasers. Lets put emphasis on SLOW.

You guys are going to be seeing a lot of lists coming up because I’m in a listy mood. Maybe some reviews for books I read on my summer reading list.

So now…I bid you toodles. (Balls of Fury reference! You guys get it???)

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12 Songs To Have In Your Summer Music Mix

Return of the recycled posts! How is your Memorial Day going? Good, I hope? Today means we are just one step closer to the summertime, and that means one step closer to summer music to listen to while near the pool. This is my list from about 2 years ago, but it still is just as good as before! Enjoy, and Happy Memorial Day!

It’s that time of year again. The bathing suits are coming out, the pools are opening, people are making day trips to the beach. This morning, it was so hot I went in the pool, and realized, there needs to be some music to make either your day of lounging or playing in the pool or on the beach is complete. This is my list of 12 songs you’d catch me listening to.

12: Boys of Summer by The Ataris – I love this version, and even though it’s very rock-ish sounding compared to most songs on my list, I can’t help but have it on here. It’s about the summer, and just makes me want to run off to a beach!

11: Rock & Roll by Eric Hutchinson – For some reason acoustic songs just make me want to lay out on the beach or in a floatie, and think about nothing, but relaxing. This song is mellow enough, that I can chill, but also have a beat to bob my head to.

10: Pumped Up Kicks by Foster the People – I know, this song is about getting back at a bully. How beachy, right? Just the sound of this song makes it seem harmless. I can’t help but think this song needs to be on the list. It’s just so chill, and makes me think of hanging out with some friends over the summer. Forget the lyrics and just listen to the music. Don’t you wanna relax with a drink in one hand, laying back on your float?

9: Underneath It All by No Doubt – Quite a few No Doubt songs could be put on this list, but this song makes it. Why? Maybe cause of the weird biking jungle scene in this video, it just makes me want to swim. Personally, I believe it’s the, well, for lack of a better term, the bubbly rythym of the song. Have you ever felt more motivated to take a dip?

8: Love Song by The Cure – Originally, I was going to use the version 311 did, but I love this one too much, and yes! You can still hang out on the beach or in your pool listenin to it. Actually, I know it doesn’t sound like a major beach song, but still, it’s definently a chill song.

7: The Adventures of Rain Dance Maggie by Red Hot Chili Peppers – Honestly, I wasn’t sure what Chili Peppers song would be best for this list, but I’d have to go with this one, not just because it’s new, but because, I’ve already heard someone blast it while they were in their pool a few days ago. I just couldn’t help myself. Who doesn’t think of RHCP while sitting on a beach?

6: Amber by 311 – You know this band was going to be on here. All of their music is beach and relaxing sounding, that I needed it. So I decided why not put my favorite song by them on this list?

5: Hey, Soul Sister by Train – Maybe it’s the ukele playing or it could be the vibe I get, but I could so sit on a beach with my significant other and just listen to this song. Train is a great mellow band, and this song is most certainly one I’d want in my pool/beach list.

4: Lazy Song by Bruno Mars – What’s a better song to listen to when you’re just sitting around at a beach or pool. You don’t want to anything at all when you’re taking a pool day. We all need a lazy day by the beach or pool, and why not have a lazy song to lay around to?

3: Santeria by Sublime – Lets be honest here, you can fill up this whole list with Sublime songs. But I chose Santeria, cause well…I love it! I just want to lay back in my pool and float around. How could you not think laying on beach=Sublime. It’s the easiest equation out there.

2: Island In The Sun by Weezer – By far my all time favorite Weezer song that makes me think of being on a Carribean island with someone I love and laying in the sand. It’s gotta be in your list. This song just makes you want to swim and run around on the sand, and have a good time. I feel going in my pool right now!

1: Spread To Thin by The Dirty Heads – Okay, it’s partly the all time song you need on your pool/beach mix cause it’s new. But not only that…as soon as I heard this song I thought “I need to get a drink and sit on the beach”. This is another band that almost every song of theirs can be a beach song, but I chose this cause…well why I said before. And this song makes me wish I lived on a beach.

Well that’s my list. Do you agree, disagree? Am I missing a song? What would

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