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Unoffically Offical

As I sit down and listen to my mother run around the kitchen cooking dinner while listening to her favorite movie, I feel inspired to write. As I look up at my wall from reading a book to see a … Continue reading

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Darn It All To That Place Underground Where It’s Hot

Only a week and a half in, and I’m suffering from writer’s block already! Look, it’s so bad, I forgot that the word I was looking for was “hell”…anyway. *Sigh*. Today’s prompt is Different Ways of Thinking and you know, … Continue reading

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A Posting Schedule!

I really hope “schedule” is spelled right. I mean how embaressing to have a word in your title spelled wrong? Anyway… I’ve got it for my stories. Nightmare Chaserswill be posted on every Wednesday and Timebomb will be posted on … Continue reading

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