Hi there! I decided, I want to let you guys all see what stuff I’ve been writing and where you can find all of the different things (cause I write in quite a few places on the web).

Let’s start with what can be found on here…

Nightmare Chasers
A secret organization is commited to protecting humans from all kinds of monsters that they thought didn’t exist. Two of the newest recruits, Jasmine and Ulric, have been thrust into an undercover mission to find out what’s behind the mysterious disappearances in a school, where they may find out there’s something happening bigger than they thought.
Updated every other Friday.
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The Adventures of Cafeteria Lady and BookWorm
Best friends working at a high school, also become super heroes to save the school from all of the (humorous) evil that lives around it.
Updated every other Wednesday
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Now for what can be found on FictionPress
Sleepless Summer
Eighteen year old Monica seemed to have it all. A great family, a wonderful boyfriend, and being the star of her own teen T.V. show. But what she really wants is a best friend. Soon, she finds that in the pretty and unique Evangelene, maybe even something more. WARNING: THIS STORY WILL CONTAIN GIRL ON GIRL CONTENT (LIKE YOU KNOW…FEMSLASH, LESBIANS…YOU KNOW)!
Updated whenever, having complications without laptop. Sorry about that…
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Eve’s Forbidden Fruit
In 1827 Virginia, Louise Barlowe is the daughter of a plantation owner. Except she has a secret, and with the arrival of the new house slave, it may not be long before everything unravels. WARNING: THIS STORY WILL ONCE AGAIN CONTAIN GIRL ON GIRL CONTENT ALONG WITH DARK, MATURE THEMES.
Updated once again whenever…laptop issues.
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Now for what you can find on FanFiction, if that is indeed your thing…

Marvel comics fanfiction (formerly posted on here): A young teenager, Skye Belle, knows she has powers, but knows she not a mutant, like people think. Follow her as she becomes a superhero to defend what she loves and find out who she is, and where her powers came from.
Updated whenever
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Irina At The Barnyard
Back at the Barnyard fanfiction: The farmer’s granddaughter has to spend her summer vacation at his farm. How boring for her. Until she goes into the barn one day, her summer might not be as bad as she thought it would be.
Updated whenever
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Instincts of a Killer
Batman fanfiction: Emilee just wanted to run away, only she runs into Killer Croc. Instead of him killing her right on the spot, he sees a use for her, in helping him make more money and reach his dream of becoming the kingpin of crime in Gotham whether she likes it or not.
Updated whenever
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Paper Mario: The Series
Mario (the game character) fanfiction: Follow Mario and the gang on their adventures around the Mushroom Kingdom while they’re not trying to defeat Bowser (well, sometimes). Takes place after the first Paper Mario game, but before the Thousand Year Door.
Updated whenever
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To Save an Ice King
Adventure Time fanfiction: Marceline and Ice King
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One Last Kiss
A Series of Unfortunate Events fanfiction: Kit and Olaf
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Wait For Her
Naruto fanfiction: Sakura and Kakashi
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Random Poems, you ask?
You can find my poems, on here, FictionPress, or more recently my Tumblr account.

That’s the list of my writing. For now anyway. All of my updates are kind of on halt right now outside of my blog because generally all of those posts are typed on my laptop, and without it, it’s hard to do that on the home computer with the family breathing down my back. Soon, I plan on updating all of my stories. I promise. Let me know what you think, maybe, yeah?


2 Responses to Writings

  1. Andrew says:

    Marvel fanfiction is always welcome in my book.

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