Monsters! Monsters Everywhere!

For this next prompt I have three different things. Two are poems, the other is Nightmare Chasers related. I hope you enjoy.

Prompt 27 – Monsters Under The Bed

Monsters Do Exist
I sit and wait
in this darkness.
What my parents
really don’t know
is that they’re real.

I hear a bump
then a small creak.
I know they’re here
and just waiting
to come get me.

I stay quiet
so they can leave.
The monsters search
feeling around
for a way up.

I may not live
through this long night.
Unless I run
to that one door
and let light in.

Nightmare Chasers prose
There was a loud bump. The young girl sat up. Rubbing her eyes, she looked around. It was darker than when she went to bed. Her nightlight must have went out. Another bump. It sounded like it came from under her bed. Taking a breath, she leaned over the side, letting her long blonde hair caress the floor.

“Hello?” She quietly called.

A loud groaning replied. Afraid, she sat up quickly. Then a dark shaped moved out from under her bed and on the floor. The darkness rose, and took shape. Sharp teeth formed into a malicious grin. It looked at her, lifting it’s arms, and then quickly grabbed her. The girl screamed. Hopefully loud enough to wake her parents. Then something happened. The monster’s smile went away. He turned his head. Behind him, a young girl in a black body suit was pushing a sword into him. Growling, a tail formed, and swung toward the girl. SHe quickly jumped back, the tail missing. Then it grew, and with all it’s might, the monster swung again. It hit her this time into the wall.

*  *  *

Holding her head, Jasmine stumbled out from the wall. Her ears were still ringing from the impact. That stupid shadow stalker thought it could beat her like that! As she looked up, she noticed it bringing it’s attention back to the young girl. Jassie crouched, then ran as fast as she could pulling out her other sword. She sprung into the air, holding up her sword, then brought it down on the monster’s arm, holding the girl. The clawed hand let her go as the half of arm fell to the floor and disappeared. The half vampire grabbed the young girl and ran to the door. The monster howled in pain as she shrieked.

Looking down Jassie said, “Don’t be afraid. I’ll protect you.”

She put the girl down as the creature took a step forward. Scales were starting to form on it’s body. Shadow stalkers were peculiar things. They were truly just manifestations of people’s fears, but the more they believed, the more real they became. The only good thing about this situation was that Jassie’s sword was still in it’s back. That should help if it becomes more real. She stepped in front of the young girl holding her sword out. The cut arm grew back as it swiped at them. So, it wasn’t fully real yet.

Then it stopped. Screaming, it jumped then turned into a shadow as it landed on the floor. Panicked, Jassie grabbed the girl and pulled her away from the wall. Where did it go? In a flash the bedroom door flew open to show Ulric, her partner, holding up a gun.

“Hey, where’d it go?” He asked.

“Close the door!” She said, frustrated by his bad timing.

“What?” Was all he asked.

Rolling her eyes, Jasmine ran to the door and closed it. Shadows swirled up her arms. Surprised, she gasped loudly and tried to pull away. They roughly yanked her into the wall to her her right. Stuck against it, more shadows cured tightly around her body. The young girl screamed in terror and ran over to her.

“No!” Jassie yelled, as she felt the shadows turn into ropes, “Don’t be afraid. That only makes it more real.”

Pressure bared down on her mouth. Struggling, whatever was holding her back only tightened. Tears slid down the girl’s cheeks as she saw what was happening to the half vampire. Suddenly, the door opened again. This time, Ulric ran in, holding up his gun. Roaring, the scaly monster appeared, as real as ever and ran to the door. Without flinching, Ulric shot at the beast. Blood spurted onto Jassie and the girl. He quickly closed the door, and jumped to the left, dodging the monster as it slammed into the door. Holding up his gun, he ran over behind the creature. Then his eyes widen. Jassie saw what it was.

He noticed her sword in it’s back. Quietly putting the gun down, he grabbed the sword, and using all his strength, pulled it out. It howled in terrible pain, but groggily turned. That sprint into the door must have hurt more than Jassie thought. Ulric quickly got in front of the girl. He lifted the sword and ran into the creature, stabbing him in the upper stomach. Another screech in pain. This time, he took a breath, then ran toward the monster, and jumped lifting the sword. It plunged into it’s throat. It gargled an anguished cry and fell to the floor. Finally, Ulric lifted the sword once more and hacked through the creature’s thich neck, cutting off it’s head. The body quivered, then turned into a shadow. The restraints on Jasmine disappeared.

As she stretched her arms, she saw Ulric walk over to the girl.

“It’ll be okay,” he said quietly, then turned to Jassie, “I used the powder to keep the parents asleep. Hurry up and call for reinforcements and someone to erase this kid’s memory.”

“Okay,” was all Jassie said, as she reached into her belt to pull out her cell phone.

Protector of the Night
Teddy bear, teddy bear
will you rescue me?
Watch over me please
as I drift off to sleep.
I believe in your strength
over the evil.
Save your beloved
child from the creature.
Let the battle ensue
as I dream of you.


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