Let’s Try This Again…

I get it.

I’m an awful, terrible blogger.

I understand.

I originally started this blog to promote my writing beyond FictionPress and beyond FanFiction. I created a Tumblr – which is so unused and dusty I won’t even put a link up. I even made a Facebook page to help promote all this. But things happened. Cause things always happen. I took on more work, my laptop died, it became a pain to get on the home computer, I met half of my Facebook friends and became nervous to link anything to my timeline…as silly as that sounds it’s true. After I met them, I really didn’t want them to read what I wrote, but…….seemingly, none of them read my timeline updates with links in them, so I can start putting links up. I’m sure no one will look – or I’ll just start telling myself that to get it out there.

I’m going to do this all over again, and be better at posting and updating, and just writing in general. I’m just right now, thinking of how to do this. Like….should I use this blog to post an online serial novel, or should I just update on my writing, and post nerdy things every once in a while and keep my writing that I want public on Fictionpress and leave a link everytime a new chapter is up. These are real things I’m thinking of. I do have a few ideas for posts, some that include me doing some research and looking into things, and talking to others.

But I’m thinking so far….if I ever write a FanFiction, I’ll put it on the website, then post a link to it here. I’ll start to use Tumblr for poems with pictures I take, and everything else is up in the air.

Will I be posting while I’m still making decisions on things?
Of course! Hopefully better than before. My plan is to get some lists done on here among other things. Maybe a book review or two, whatever. I’ll figure it out as I go.

Will I ever go back to writing Nightmare Chasers?
That is also up in the air. These days I’m not as happy with it, no matter how many times I reread it and attempt to edit it. It just makes me frustrated. I love my characters, but I need to go back through and work it out in my head. At some point, maybe. Hopefully. I have a lot of ideas for it.

How about Cafeteria Lady?
Honestly, if I ever do write this again, or rewrite it, or whatever, I’d like it to be a comic, or I’d just write short stories on here as a gag type thing. I can’t remember if I did, but either way, I will post the original first chapter I wrote back when I was 15. It was hilarious to 15 year old me and friends, and we’ll see if it still has some funny stuff later on to older me and audience.

What am I actually going to post on here?
Well, since I am a nerd, nerdy things. Or course. Top ten lists, since you know I love those things. Reviews. Updates. Whatever I want, it’s my blog. But I’ll probably stick to the nerd things. Until I figure out serial novel or not. We’ll see.

Alright boys and girls…I’m off!
Until next time! (Certainly sooner than a month!)

About Ivie

I'm Ivie. An aspiring writer. A dreamer. A lover. A young woman. Just trying to find my way in the world.
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8 Responses to Let’s Try This Again…

  1. yellowjac says:

    Just Start writing and thing will take there course before you know it a real story at hand. just move them keys around it will come out so start writing what do you have to lose, be your self its inside you or you would not even be in here! Write, write, easy stuff see, enjoy what you do so others can enjoy it also. were waiting for your big one’ Will.

  2. Yes, write, write, write… you will only get better!

  3. Trust me I understand. Life so gets in the way of what you love about life. I’m currently working through the edits of my own current fanfiction, and I’m tossing around ideas on how I’m going to promote it. I’ll often post #amwriting statuses on Facebook or Twitter, but I always feel so awkward if I don’t get any likes or responses. The gambit of worries just runs through my head. “Do people think it’s stupid?” “Are they judging me?” Any and every thought. What’s making the editing process longer, but strangely more fulfilling is the fact that I’ve decided to do an editing blog with it. I agree with the above sentiments about just writing. When I started this story I didn’t have a clear idea on how the major climax would resolve, but I began it anyway. Things have a way of working themselves out, and you definitely have a lot of support here!

    • Ivie says:

      Ah! It’s so great to have someone who understands!! I do also understand the awkwardness of no responses or likes. It’s scary, and all you do is wonder if you did it right.

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